Sunday, October 2, 2011

Airii~n Deshou?! Monthly Wrap Up (September 2011 Edition)

Am I ever going to be on time with these posts again?

TV show PON! had a PV preview of the new H!P wide song/PV. (And now there is an official Mobekimasu Youtube channel)

 HD version that aired on M-ON

 Saki's graduation, sub-members, Morning Musume in Hawaii, and some other things.

I hoped that we could get Morning Musume on Music Station once again, but although that didn't happen, my hope of getting a weekly #2 did happen (not to mention great sales).

BDRIP of S/mileage & C-ute's joint concert

Shortly after joining, Kosuga had to leave the group for health reasons.

A really funny old TV appearance featuring Momo, Chinami, and Yurina promoting Otakebi Boy. Some great Momoko moments (and gifs) in this one.

Kago Ai's life has been a literal roller-coaster and the poor girl had more things go wrong recently.
 Aichan and Reina's fortune teller date, Mizupon's family pet dog, and short 10th gen stuff.

All about 10th gen.

All 14 of my copies of Aichan's last single arrived.

I held my first contest in a long time and had great results and changed the site around as a result.

I caught up on the latest S/mileage news including their new PV, a download link to their live streamed concert, and the new Smile Campaign.

10th gen, S/mileage sub-member smile campaign, and Airi/Reina's vampire movies.

We have quite a few staff members at the other positions, but translators and a good typesetter are always wanted!

  • [TPF] Triple Aichan subbed video release
We started off with Morning Musume on Music Japan, then released Aichan on Coming Soon!!, and finished the day off with Happy Music's tribute to Aichan in honor of Ai's last day as Morning Musume's leader.

I'm pretty happy overall because most of who I expected to/wanted to made it. No Karin, but I can only wonder if she's destined to star in a completely new group.

A look at what happened at Aichan's graduation concert.


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