Sunday, October 9, 2011

You can pre-order Morning Musume's 12th album on iTunes now!

Just open iTunes on your PC and type in 12, スマ–トand there you can see the full tracklist and pre-order it for just $9.99! (That's less than 85 cents per song!) Alternatively, Americans can follow this link to go directly to it (though you'll eventually have to open iTunes anyway).

I'm really glad UFA is embracing new technology like this. I buy albums only once in a while because of price, but $9.99 is much, much cheaper than buying a physical copy so I'm seriously considering purchasing this.


  1. I just charged yesterday the Limited Edition... I don't know when arrive here.. I purchased by FedEx XD I LOVE THIS ALBUM!! :3

    and I am really unlucky! I found the limited edition videos and I can not no watch them!! XD I want to watch them when arrive mine! ^^

  2. Lol I payed my good $45 + on HMV so i can actually get it XD <3

  3. mmmmmmmmmm~ I am so disfortuned... XD I had to pay US72.00$ ¬¬

  4. just preordered my copy on itunes!
    so thankful that they did this!