Thursday, September 29, 2011

Morning Musume's new look

As we enter Aichan's last day as Morning Musume's leader, the 10th generation winners were revealed at one of the 29th's concerts:

Kudo Haruka,

Iikubo Haruna,

Sato Masaki,

and Ishida Ayumi.

Overall I'm really pleased with the results. At the end of this post, I said that I wouldn't be upset no matter who made it because they all seem to be pretty talented. I'm also glad that two of my standouts (Haruka and Masaki) made the cut. I really wanted Sara because she seemed like the best singer and I'm sad to not see Karin, but she's too talented to not be given some sort of project eventually (more on that in a second). And hopefully Sara (and the other finalists) will be added to the Egg program. I always hate to have to say goodbye to a bunch of girls chasing their dreams and coming so close to realizing them.

Now, hopefully this marks the end of Morning Musume auditions for a while. With 9th and 10th gen, it effectively increases Morning Musume's longevity twofold, especially if a couple of the new girls stay anywhere near as long as Aichan and Gakisan have. However, I'm slightly worried about Berryz and C-ute (especially Berryz) because they are all either becoming adults or have already reached that point and have been idols for a long, long time. Personally, I'd love for a new group to be formed (or even a new H!P Kids audition) so that when Berryz and C-ute do reach the end of the line (which hopefully won't be for another few more years), H!P won't be so empty.

Though, no matter what happens from here on out, with the new 10th gen members, S/mileage's sub-member's futures being unknown, and Aichan's impending graduation, what is certain is that H!P is undergoing another major change that will pay off in future years.


  1. Just read the results on H!O literally a few seconds ago. <3
    I really love the results but I'm a tiny bit upset that Sara didn't make it. It's really a shame. And like you, I hope that the others that did not make it will be put into the Egg program or maybe they could be formed as a new group?! Haha. I should just keep on dreaming but then again, Tsunku can be quite unpredictable! XP

    I wish those girls good luck. Can't wait for their first single to be released! And *sighs* I'm still sad about Ai-chan graduation but I guess it's really time to face reality. :(

    Ai-chan. <3

  2. I'm relieved Haruka made it, she was the only one I really cared about during this audition. Her voice is great, her personality is great. I hope Tsunku will use her in the group and give_her_lines (not like Zukki...)

    Ayumi: no surprise. Hopping she will improve her voice cause she has a great potential.

    Haruna: nooo no please, c'mon, although she improved a lot since the training camp, her face is so... bimbo? Hoping I'm wrong...

    Masaki: too low for the vocal... she may have some potential, I have no opinion about her yet.

    No Sara? u___u She might have been shy, but her voice was so nice. C'mon, Momusu need vocals, not bimboish AKB-like useless girls.

  3. I didn't keep up with the auditions, so I don't know these people. XD

    As for the thing about being worried about Berryz and C-ute, I will agree with you that for a while I've been worried about Berryz as well. I'm not very worried about C-ute, but Berryz has been around for far too long. I like their old music better than their new stuff and I'm kinda thinking that it's nearing the time for them to quit. But if they do end Berryz... I really hope Momo and Miya will get to stay in Buono!!!!!

  4. I'm glad that I'm not the only one who liked Masaki. I think she's adorable.
    I can't wait to see how they do.

    I honestly haven't been thinking about Berryz and C-ute. Maybe they'll graduate H!P together and become groups under Up Front, idk, I don't think they necessarily have to stop just because they're getting older. But even if they do, I'm pretty sure Tsunku has something up his sleeve (Hopefully involving Karin)

  5. I am so glad they brought on someone a little older to bridge the gap. The few remaining senpai with a litter of 12 year olds... it would just get a little awkward no matter how you look at it.

  6. I have had those thoughts about C-ute and Berryz recently as well
    the concepts they began with can't go on forever.

    I am glad with the choices for MM

    On the subject of Karin, I'd like to see a duo group again I miss W......

  7. No, I try not to think about it cause the end of Berryz and C-ute means the end of Buono as well, but you're right. I been wondering of when they will begin gradutions.