Saturday, October 29, 2011

Mobekimasu on Hanasaka Times 10/29/11 download link

Risa, Chinami, Risako, Chisato, and Yuuka promoting Busu ni Naranai Tetsugaku.

The Mobekimasu members were split and sent across the country to promote this single on various local shows (as well as some of the more popular shows like Coming Soon), so we will be getting a ton of promo for this song. I'll be posting about most of them, assuming I can find a decent quality raw.

This video is 4 minutes long, 92 MB, 720p HD, and was re-encoded from this video.

Download link:

Or you can watch streaming:

I'll post about a couple of the others later.

And don't forget, if you like this song, you can buy it at CDJapan!


  1. Can't watch the video (Belgium)

    "This video contains content from Up-Front, who has blocked it on copyright grounds"

  2. GO! HELLO!PROJECT \:D/ I really like the promotion set-ups like they're all working hard together.