Monday, September 5, 2011

Let's help send Aichan away in style!

Re-posting an old post of mine on how to request an artist to appear on Music Station:

As of right now, things are looking great as far as the Oricon charts go. Morning Musume's main competition is the seemingly never-ending members of EXILE (they usually sell at least 100k, usually 300k) so #1 is unlikely to happen, but #2 is wide open. Notables are Mika Nakashima (usually sells 20k), Sukima Switch (usually sells 20k), and possibly YELLOW FRIED CHICKENz (no idea about their past sales, but it's a Gackt creation, so it has the possibility of selling well). Unless I missed someone, everyone else releasing that day are smaller indie artists, or artists that normally sell 5k and don't pose a threat.

That means that there is a very, very good chance that Morning Musume will be able to get the #2 spot - something they haven't accomplished since the awesomeness that is Nanchatte Renai (it would be great if they could duplicate those sales, as well).

I bought my five copies, what about you? If you can, buy Aichan's last single!


  1. WEH! I am presioned!! XD I don't have all the money but I'll give my best for trying to buy this Single... Ai-Chan is my chiban! XD and I have to support her it is a must!!

  2. Ordered my five copies a while ago. Ai-chan deserves it!

  3. Well... EXILE is #1 lol

    Also... there is a group called RAINBOW releasing on the same day. They are a K-pop group so it probably means trouble.

    I think top 3 is for sure...

  4. Oh yea... some notables for previous weeks that might get higher than MM on second/third weeks.

    Fukuyama Masaharu (entering his 3rd week)
    Sandaime J Soul Brothers (entering their 2nd week)
    Domoto Tsuyoshi - from KinKi Kids (entering his 2nd week)
    4Minute (entering their 2nd week)
    JUNO - JYJ Junsu's brother (entering his 3rd week)

    and who knows...

    AKB48 (entering their 4th week)

    Of course, MM will get higher than average sells because of Ai-chan's graduation.

  5. Triple posting... sorry ><

    About the Music Station appearance...
    Sorry to say that chances of MM going on Music Station is slim, even with a lot of you requesting. Johnny's, Avex artists are there pretty much every week. Therefore, that is 2 spots gone.

    Also, they usually get groups that are trendy so they get groups that sing in the latest dramas/movies/CMs. Nakashima Mika's new song is a movie song so that is most likely another spot gone. K-pop groups might get in as well. Since MM (or any other H!P group) don't have tie-ups. Even if they do, they aren't that popular. A cheap trick is to have a theme song for a drama that is on Music Station's TV channel, TV Asahi. It's because the TV channel has to battle with other TV channels ^^.

    And then you have to look at what MM has in terms of their schedule. Their concert doesn't conflict with Music Station but the members might have solo jobs which could conflict (or they want to do rehearsal for the concert).

    Note that you have to convince the producers of the show to invite MM. Request forms are technically not enough since probably a lot of other artists are doing what we are doing right now. It is possible to sell yourself to getting into the show. If they have milestones with their single, have 1 million cellphone downloads, or sell REALLY high (I will have to say that they will have to rival EXILE for the week), then they might have a chance. Probably not the week of release but maybe next week or something.

    However, Ai-chan is singing her solo on Coming Soon which is cool ^^.

  6. Quad post lol

    Well, MM will not be on Music Station of its release week. That week is a 3H special and the guests have been decided already.

  7. RAINBOW might be trouble, but thankfully it usually takes K-pop groups a single or two to heat up before they start dominating.

    - Fukuyama Masaharu usually sells 13k in his 3rd week (the last time he sold signifcantly higher was in 2006, when Milk Tea / Utsukushiki Hana sold 36k in it's 3rd week).

    - Sandaime J Soul Brothers have never sold more than 10k in their 2nd week.

    - I couldn't find detailed info on Domoto Tsuyoshi's sales, but his singles never sell more than KinKi Kids's singles, which usually has 15k 2nd weeks.

    - 4minute's JP singles have sold poorly (no more than 10k total)

    - And I have no idea what JUNO's single sold so far, but it debuted at 15 so I doubt he will be a threat

    So yeah, 2nd place is Morning Musume's spot to lose

    About Music Station: normally its almost impossible for a H!P act to get on there, but this is a special occasion. They did get invited on for their 40th single (though with the OG) so I still have hope.

    Even if they won't be on this week, an appearance during the single's 2nd, 3rd, or even the 4th week would be great. Going back to Nanchatte Renai again - the single had a good first week (54k), but the reason why it sold exceptionally well for a H!P single (70k total) was because of strong 2nd-4th weeks.

    So, ganbatte Morning Musume!

  8. Darn it, no money. The only money I make is from my teensy-weensy allowance. Not only that, but I only get to spend 40% of the money I make, and I'll be spending all that on the Sailor Moon manga re-print. XD

  9. ^ That's okay, just support Morning Musume in spirit~

    And I didn't notice SFG, that you mentioned AKB too, so here are some sales figures for anyone that's curious: their highest selling 4th week in recent history is Everyday, Katyusha (18k). All of their other recent single's 4th week's sales have been in the 12k range.

    I have my fingers crossed that this single sells 55k in the first week!

  10. About Chris' post...

    Yes... it is pretty impossible for H!P to get there. The most recent one was Mano with Hajimete no Keiken. Note that at that episode there wasn't really much talking with here. She was just there lol.

    Also, I think MM gets invited just because they brought OGs along. After Yossie left, there weren't any appearances for MM with just the regular members.

    55k is doable. It is not really because it is Ai-chan's graduation but how they distribute the content throughout all the different versions. That is the only thing lacking in H!P and singles. One PV per version is something that doesn't get people to buy all the versions...Also, more than 2 original songs will be great (I doubt that will ever happen with H!P tho...)

  11. I wish I could order my five copies plus single V now :/

    But after the giant Uchouten Love order that's not happening. My parents would punch me.

  12. Thought I'd mention this here:
    Just wanna say I've started a count on the Hello!Online thread for this single for people who ordered this single or are sure to get it day of release.

    So far we're up to 87 copies.
    If anyone reading this has a H!O account (even if you only usually lurk) and ordered the single do check in to the single thread so we can add them. We're hoping to reach 100.

  13. ^ Awesome! I don't post on the forums, but seeing how many copies the members of H!O are contributing, you guys inspired me to buy a few more copies. Instead of 5, I'm getting 13. Looking forward to a package full of Morning Musume~

  14. According to Ai-chan's blog, Coming Soon (Sept 12.) is her last music show appearance as MM.

    Therefore... no Music Station appearance for MM.

  15. Will it count if I buy her last single on iTunes?

  16. It won't count towards the Japanese Oricon charts, but it's still a sale for UFA. There's nothing wrong with buying songs off of iTunes - go for it!