Monday, October 31, 2011

Airii~n Deshou?! Monthly Wrap Up (October 2011 Edition)

What's this? A wrap up post that's on time? Awesome.

For the first time since I had an AD?! record high 75 posts in May, I managed to increase upon last month's post count (44 this month compared to 40 in September). October was definitely an up and down month, with it being the first time Aichan was not a Morning Musume member in 10 years and Yuuka's graduation announcement.

But, at the same time we got awesome things like four new HelloPro! TIME Episodes, the DEEP MIND preview/digital release, new PVs, and a bunch of other things.

This episode almost exclusively features Aichan and Gakisan's trip to Korea (not that I'm complaining) as well as some S/mileage sub-member stuff.

 Download links to he PVs on the limited DVDs of S/mileage's newest single.

A trailer of Buono!'s first staring role, the horror movie Gomen nasai.

UFA put up Morning Musume's new album on iTunes for pre-order and now that I've heard the full thing, I can safely say that Aichan's last Musume album is a great one.

On the 9th we got a taste of the company wide Mobekimasu song and a few days later, the full PV. I love H!P so much for this

A new USTREAM show hosted by Sayu featuring the Mobekimasu members.

One more Aichan graduation special appearance.

I don't like the song as much as Busu ni Naranai, but the PV definitely wins.

S/mileage's new single and Fairies' debut single.

 SMAP, Fairies, S/mileage, FLOWER, and Hey! Say! JUMP are featured in this episode.

News that all of the sub-members are now full members.

This one's all about Aichan's last two Morning Musume concerts, including the 10th gen announcement.

I always approve of Okaibikini.

A year ago I wouldn't have guessed it, but its certainly nice to see H!P on Hey!x3 again. Talk about excellent promo (and hilarious interactions).

Yes its already out. Not the official DVD, but the "raw" DVD that has little editing, released by UFA to fans who simply cannot wait for the official public release.

Quite possibly the single greatest thing on TV in 2011. I laughed, I cried, and I enjoyed it from start to finish.

Promotion time!

Full radio rip of Buono!'s new song.

Download of C-ute's 2011 spring concert. It's a pretty decent setlist with quite a few standout performances.

 Mostly 10th gen and Berikyuu awesomeness.

KIDS subbed a pretty cool Berikyuu promotional appearance on Melodix.

A post about the shocking news plus I wrote an extremely long analysis of it.

HD versions of a lot of H!P's PVs.

Setlist of the epic 2nd Berikyuu joint concert and Youtube links to two of the standout performances.

All of Mobekimasu on one stage.


  1. October was certainly an interesting month. <3