Friday, October 28, 2011

Berikyuu Island setlist and radio rips

Berikyuu's joint concert is under way, which means we now know about the setlists (more on that in a minute). I expected it to be epic, but I wasn't prepared for the encore songs. For the day concert, C-ute performed Heroine ni Narou ka! (mostly by themselves; Berryz danced with them). And for the night concert, Berryz performed Kiss me Aishiteru (with C-ute dancing with them). Is that not the greatest thing ever?

Here are concert rips of both (thanks to the wota who recorded the whole day and night concerts).

C-ute's Heroine ni Narou ka:

Berryz's Kiss me Aishiteru:

C-ute wins the battle of concert rips, but one cannot judge Kiss me Aishiteru on audio alone, so I can't wait until the DVD (or even better, a live stream please~). I also definitely have to praise Chisato and Miyabi here - they really owned their parts!

And the full setlist (credit amped and sayunii for the romaji):

(Day concert)
1. Seishun Gekijou (the Berikyuu play Sengoku Jietai theme song)
2. Jet Coaster Medley – Happy Stand Up – Tsuugaku Vector – Kimi no Senpou – Shining Power – Massara Blue Jeans – Tokkaiko – Ryuusei – Dance de Bacoon – Otakebi Boy- Jingisukan – Massara Blue Jeans – Special Generation remix
- MC
3. Sekai Ichi HAPPY na Onna no Ko – Cute
MC – Berryz theme talk : C-ute
Announcement : C-ute is releasing a photobook in December.
4. Kirai de kirai de kirai de – C-ute
4. Idai na Chikara wo! – C-ute
6. Aa! yo ga Akeru – Berryz
MC – C-ute theme talk : Berryz
7. Tanjun Sugi na no Watashi – Berryz
8. Heroine ni narou ka! – Berryz
VTR – Ousama Game
Ousama Game corner: A song is requested, they do a drawing, whoever’s number is pulled is “king”, Maasa was the king for this concert
9. Kiseki no Kaori dance – Maasa
10. Makeruna Wasshoi! – Kumai, Maasa, Maimi, Nakky, Shimizu, Risako, Hagiwara, Chisato, Chinami
11. DEEP MIND – Buono!
12. Bye Bye Bye! – Maimi, Kumai, Risako, Chisato
13. Yuke Yuke Monkey Dance – Maasa, Nakky, Shimizu, Chinami, Hagiwara
14. That’s the POWER
MC – Airi, Chinami, Shimizu, Maimi, Maasa, Momoko
15. Seishun Song – Hagiwara, Risako, Chisato, Miyabi, Nakky, Kumai –> All
16. Maji Bomber
17. JUMP
18. Yuujou Junjou oh Seishun
19. Iza, Susume! Steady go!
20. Icchoume Rock!

21. Heroine ni narou ka! – C-ute (Berryz backdancers and chorus)
22. Amazuppai Haru ni Sakura Saku – Berikyuu

(Night concert)
It's the same except song 21 is Berryz's Kiss me Aishiteru. Also, every concert during the ousama game corner, the winner gets to perform a solo. The solo songs are:

Himitsu No U-ta-hi-me – Captain
Momoiro Sparkling – Momoko
Sabori – Chinami
Kiseki no Kaori Dance – Maasa
Kataomoi. – Miyabi
Otoko Tomodachi – Yurina
Ooki na ai de motenashite – Risako
Yuki / Ai x Anata ≥ Suki – Maimi
Tsukiatte Iru Noni Kataomoi – Nakky
Anata Nashi de wa Ikite Yukenai – Airi
Romantic Ukare Mode – Chisato
3 Ban Houmu 3 Ryoume – Mai

Hopefully all of the changes will be on the blu-ray release at the very least. I'd love to see Maimi, Airi, and Momoko's solos.

C-ute's Heroine ni Narou ka download link:

Berryz's Kiss me Aishiteru download link:


  1. I didn't even read all the setlist. I just scanned through it to see if there were any Buono! songs. And it's.... DEEP MIND!! WOOT WOOT! LOL, I was sitting here thinking "There's gotta be a Buono! performance in here somewhere. You CANNOT have a Berikyuu concert without a Buono! song. That would be a crime."

    I'm far too obsessed with Buono! XD

  2. C-ute wins! :D I really like the arrangement!!! Mai pawned that high note.