Monday, October 24, 2011

Maeda Yuuka to graduate from S/mileage, H!P

It's still very early in Japan (as in 5:30 AM) so we do not have official confirmation from UFA staff, however it has been published in a few different Japanese newspapers that Maeda Yuuka will graduate on December 31st, 2011.

I normally don't post rumors and wait until we have official word, but 5 different newspapers are reporting the same thing and S/mileage is trending in Japan at the moment, so it's a good chance that this is true.

It's very unfortunate news not only for S/mileage, but also for Hello! Project because Yuuka definitely is one of the more talented and popular members (not to mention one of the younger members). It's going to be very difficult for S/milege to continue on after this; leader DAWA is going to have to keep her group together through all of this adversity and hope that 2012 proves to be a better year for the group.

Like always, I have a 24-hour rule before I start spewing paragraphs of text on how I feel one way or the other, but still, it's really hard to take all of these graduations in such a short period of time.

EDIT: The official H!P website confirms it. Yuuka's gone after this year.

EDIT 2: TKMR has translated Yuuka's message. An excerpt:

Since becoming a high school student, I have been unable to keep up with my Smileage work and school at the same time and it has bothered me a great deal.  I started to think about my future and realized that my desire to attend a university had grown a lot over time.


  1. Me thinks 3rd gen might be right around the corner.

    If it gets an official confirmation (which it probably will) I wish her all the best and a big thanks for all the hard work.

  2. 0_o
    Well everyone HAS been noticing how out of it she looks on shows these days. But just, wow. S/mileage is sure a place of change these days.

  3. I don't know where S/mileage is going to go after this. I see no point in making S/mileage just like MM. There would be no difference.

  4. Gosh, everybody is graduating! THIS SUCKS! *throws a tantrum*

  5. Even though Yuuka isn't really one of my faves it's really sad to see yet another H!P and S/mileage member graduate. At least she still has some time left, which wasn't the case with Sakichy. I hope she will do well after she graduates and that she can really focus on her study so she can do what she wants to do.

  6. I feel like I'm going to throw up omg.

  7. Shocking news... I sorta understand her graduating from S/mileage because of real life but I'm a bit stunned about graduating from H!P. She has the most envied voice in H!P from her senpai so it feels like if Airi decided to graduate. Just not right. Just when H!P was settling in with the loss of Ai-chan this had to happen. Damn.

  8. i understand what people are saying but i feel we are being a little selfish. yes we all love yuukarin but if we really loved her we would see that this will make her happy. she has good reason to leave (although we will all miss her)so instead of going on about how sad we are why dont we just enjoy the time she has left and wish her all the best when she leaves.

  9. My heart just dropped out of my chest.
    I love Yuukarin SO SO SO SOOO much. She's the sole reason I got into S/mileage.

    There are too many graduations this year. It's too heart breaking. So many talented girls but it's unfortunate that they want to graduate.

    I know I sound childish and immature but either way, I'll still support her, even if she'll never ever make a comeback in show business. I wish for her the best after the graduation. <3


  10. Yuukarin!!!!!!!! TT_TT

  11. omg...... not yuka please!!!!!
    What's happening to S/mileage?
    I think that they are not that busy, but if she says that effects that much her studies.... I will miss her!

  12. No way! Yuuka is my favorite S/mileage! T.T

  13. I just hope to God that S/mileage doesn't get a 3rd gen. Adding 2nd gen was bad enough. They're all very talented and adorable girls, but if they were gonna add new members, they should've all just been eggs that everyone was familiar with. People still aren't used to the newbies, so if they add more, S/mileage will become an even bigger train wreck.

  14. I'm looking forward to your next topic of her graduation analysis. Should she have realized that idol life was not for her while she was still in eggs? Could she have asked for help concerning education?She has a great talent, why give it up?Going to higher educations means a different profession, why not set this goal earlier rather than singing? Etc.....
    But I wish her the best and thanks for all her hard work. *crossing my fingers that someday she'll make a return*
    By the way, luv your blog and subs. Keep up the great work!!!!!

  15. I understand yuuka she wanted to study she don't want fame she want to study for her life and be succesfull in life even ogawa saki is like that but yuuka and saki is only person who is leaving ayaka and kanon are not leaving, i will miss yuuka she's my biggest fan in hello project and s/mileade! But its good for her she wanted to study anyway...even im 10 years old i wish that you'll never leave yuuka but you can still celebrate your birthday with your s/mileage members because your birthday is on december 31,2011 and your turning 17 this year =D ill always remember you after you leave i wish you'll come back and by the way I'm a philippines citizen in cavite i study at beaulahland in fairway Vue.. my schoolmates is sad too =D....
    My mom go to the japan a year ago before the tsunami came is the real yuuka read this im glad that she know me i totally forgot my name is eloisa i know my name is ugly but it doesn't matter anyway the important is that GOD is beside us and god bless Yuuka and Saki I'll pray for you everyday to be succesfull in your live's
    ♥♥♥♥♥Yuuka Maeda and Ogawa Saki♥♥♥♥♥

  16. I've heard about this news a month ago .
    I'm STILL shocked and sad about the graduation of Saki.
    I didn't think anyone else would graduate from S/mileage, and then I heard that there was a audition for SUB-members who became FULL members.
    I loved Sakitty and Yuukarin! All the S/mileage original 4 are my favorites!
    I didn't think they would leave so early :'(
    S/mileage... is there something happening behind the scenes that us fans don't know about?!
    And now Dawa and Kanon are put in a bad position ... having to get the new sub-members to get adjusted to the group...
    S/mileageeee !! D:
    [I saw a video of the sub-members singing Yumemiru 15sai, Ama no Jaku ... I started bawling .. it's just not the same! And some of their voices I don't like because it doesn't fit the song :/]
    I feel a 2nd gen coming on...