Friday, October 21, 2011

Mechaike 9/17/2011 full episode download link

This is the full Mechaike idol special that aired September 17th.

It features a bunch of different idol groups, with Berryz and S/mileage representing Hello! Project. This is the (in)famous episode where the hosts (hilariously) pick on Momoko.

Momoko was definitely the star here, but S/mileage had their moments as well. For example, they (well DAWA at least), called out one of the other idol groups, Ebisu Muscats (they are an idol group made up of models/gravure idols and adult video stars), for being old lol. (And Kanyon called out SDN48 for being dressed as weird cicadas, I think lol).

Also, before the show started, the Mechaike hosts surprised each idol group by filming them when they arrived at the studios and I found it amusing that not only did Akari have a bookbag on (well she is 13..), but she proceeded to pull out some DBZ folder lol. Akari's awesomeness level has just risen because of that.

The content structure of this episode is this: first, each group has a short introduction and we see footage from the Mechaike hosts surprising them during their arrival, as seen in the picture above. Then, the main segment is the idol playing a few games against each other. I'll try not to spoil the outcome of the games because it's much more fun that way. Instead, I'll just describe the games themselves.

The first game had one girl from each idol group lay down on their chest facing away from a flag that they had to race to retrieve.

Nyon-sama and Chinami representing on the far left.
Whichever idol got the flag first received 10 points for their group. This game was played three times, with each time a new girl from each group playing. Kanon, Chinami, Akari, Miyabi, Yuuka, and Captain represented S/mileage and Berryz in this game.

The next game was a simple high jump. H!P was represented by Meimi and Yurina.

Flying Meimei ftw
The final game was a sumo match that pitted two girls from different idol groups against each other in a tournament style bracket. Kanon and Momoko represented H!P here.

And that's it. The group that had the most points won and was allowed to perform their new single live at the end. Again, I don't want to spoil anything (though this episode is over a month old), but I'm really proud of our girls. They all fought hard and were entertaining to watch. This episode is a must watch not only for H!P fans, but for fans of idols in general. This is probably my favorite TV appearance of the year.

The following idol groups are present: Berryz Koubou, S/mileage, SUPER GIRLS, Idoling!!!, Passpo, SDN48, Ebisu Muscats, and Nakano Fujo Sisters.

Also, um:


Download links:

Download both parts and join with winrar, 7zip, or any similar program.

This isn't my encode so thanks to the person who encoded it. It's 48 minutes, 1 GB, and 720p HD.

Or watch streaming on Youtube:


  1. I loved that episode...poor Momo (she is my favourite in bK) but it was funny ^w^

    You can´t go to Mechaike without someone hits you.....xD

  2. Y'all should sub this... just sayin'. ;)

  3. Thanks so much for sharing :) I really appreciate your uploads, since I wanted to see this episode so badly but couldn't find a proper DL link ^^'

  4. Yeah subs would be amazing since this episode kinda became viral in the idol community