Thursday, September 29, 2011

[TPF] Morning Musume on Music Japan (2011.09.11)

Seeing as it's now tomorrow (the 30th) in Japan, we at TPF have a special mini-release spree to honor Aichan's last day as a Morning Musume member!

First we have Morning Musume's recent appearance on Music Japan!

There will be more Morning Musume/Aichan releases later today, so look for them soon!

Download link:

Staff involved in this release:
Translation: SFGundam
Timing & Encoding: Airiindeshou
Editing: SaPe

This is our new editor's first work, so congrats to SaPe!


  1. Thank you possible subtitles
    I love translating Halo Project
    I want to file Aegisub
    So I translated it into more than one language
    I will be very grateful
    I'll never forget All Rights Reserved translation team and blog

  2. please reupload
    [TPF] Morning Musume on Music Japan (2011.09.11)

  3. thank you very very much