Sunday, October 30, 2011

You can buy DEEP MIND now on iTunes

Here's the link:

Go there, click the iTunes で見る button and iTunes will open on your computer (assuming you have it installed), where you can buy it (only 99cents for Americans!).

awesome song is awesome


  1. So this isn't going to be released with a B side?

  2. Well there was a new single announced to be released on January and most people assumed that it would be DEEP MIND, but right now we don't really know. If I had to guess, I'd say this is a B-side to the new single releasing in January, but that's just pure speculation on my part.

  3. There was confirmation that DEEP MIND is the new single.

    Buono!の13th Single。 「DEEP MIND」はBuono!初主演映画『ゴメンナサイ』主題歌に決定!

    That's in the info section for Yesasia, and I'm pretty sure Buono!'s site confirmed it too.

  4. That just says that DEEP MIND is the theme song to Gomen nasai, but doesn't mention DEEP MIND being the actual single. (It literally says "Buono!'s 13th single. DEEP MIND was decided to be the theme song for the movie 'Gomen nasai' that Buono! stars in.")

    It was likely copied by Yesaisa from the first Japanese store to announce the single (here), which basically just says that a new Buono! single was announced (and then a repeat of what Yesasia says).

    All of the Japanese online stores all say the title is undecided (including the link above) and the only news on the Buono! section on H!P's website just mentions that you can buy DEEP MIND online on iTunes now.

    So I don't think that it was truly ever confirmed.

    sorry long comment is long

  5. Not a problem, it was informative.

    I should really start learning my Japanese :/
    I must have heard wrong then, thanks for the info.