Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Yurina on Mimitako 9/29/11 720p download link

Kumaicho fits right in on a segment about tall people

It's 2 minutes, 37 MB, and 720p HD.

Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/?o9kollclj56197q

Or watch streaming:


  1. Yurina's height scares me sometimes. o.o;
    She should become a model or something after she graduates from Hello! Project. She's really pretty too. :D

  2. ^ Agreed with that, she should totally follow Erika into modeling. Kind of makes me wonder how tall Erika is now...

    LOL, this show portrayed Yurina as a fairy tale giant! It's really not that bad looking when all the girls she works with are wearing heels and moving around but I do feel that she should be banned to wearing only flats in photos and still-scenes from now on. Her height is my main problem with the Berikyuu PV, all the tall people should have been in the back or they should have at least had a step for the people in the back. It's very odd to have Airi (hands down H!P's biggest selling H!P kid) blocked out by giant!Kumai.

  3. Congrats on over 100 Followers Chris :)

  4. octopus ears? lol kumachou is scary tall...very pretty though...not as pretty as maasa though <333