Saturday, October 22, 2011

C-ute 2011 Spring Concert [MF Added]

C-ute's spring concert tour.

There were two different blu-ray ISOs uploaded, but there are issues with both, so here's a normal DVD rip. Though I'll see if the bonus footage from one of the blu-ray ISOs is intact because the normal DVD doesn't have any extra footage.

There isn't much to say about this time around besides that this concert is awesome, but we already knew that from the live USTREAM stream of it.


Download links:

Download both parts and join with winrar, 7zip, or any similar program.

It's 2 hours long, 1.53 GB, and has chapters.


  1. is this the one they streamed on youtube?

  2. Yes, they streamed it on ustream in may then on youtube a month later

  3. Those that were streamed were day concerts, this looks to be a night concert. It'll be interesting to see the girls singing different solo songs than what we saw last spring.

    Thanks for sharing, Chris!

    I'm a bit sad about Mai's hair here... She had some cute hairdos during the season but this hair just makes her look like a little kid again. Which will be very awkward when her sexy dance solo comes up.

  4. Do you have 2010 C-ute summer concert "dance de bako--n"
    upload please/

  5. This is a great upload, thanks so much. What would I do without you? ^w^

  6. Please re-upload.