Friday, September 9, 2011

S/mileage loses another member

One of the new sub-members, Kosuga Fuyuka wasn't feeling well during rehearsals, went to the hospital, and was told she has a severe case of anemia.

Because of this, she needs to rest for a few months and it has been decided that she will no longer be a S/mileage sub-member. When she is back to full health, she will return to Hello! Project as an Egg.

It must really suck for her to pass the audition only to not be physically able to join the group. Although she'll be back in H!P when she recovers, eventually having to be a back-up dancer to S/mileage will be pretty difficult to do, I'd imagine. I just hope that when she does get well, she will have another opportunity with another group (or at least some sort of shuffle group) to show what she's got.

Thanks to Tokyograph for the translation.


  1. Poor girl, the timing on this just sucks for her. She just got in.
    Hope she gets better and I'll support her when she joins the Eggs.

  2. event if I sound as a bad person but... I am happy that she let S/mileage.... not of the reasen of it... u.u but... I really don't like the new sub-member....
    I hope she take care and will be better!! ^^

  3. No!!!! Crybaby kosuga was so cute!!! :(

  4. Fuu-chan was totally growing on me too. >.<

    I hope she makes a complete recovery, so she can be an awesome egg in the future.

  5. She was my favorite sub-member. She was so cooool/
    Awww, I hope she gets better as fast as possible and returns to us as an Egg soon!

  6. Oh no! Poor girl! I would be so let down... :( Hope she gets better soon!