Thursday, October 13, 2011

New S/mileage + Fairies GETs

Today I got another CDJapan package! This time, I bought:

Tachiagaaru came with a poster:

And now onto the Fairies CDs. One version came with a DVD containing the double A-side's PVs and the other came with a photobook:

Here are some quick pictures of what's inside:

Fairies is made up of Ito Momoka,

Inoue Rikako,

Hayashida Mahiro,

Fujita Miria,

Nomoto Sora,

Shimomura Miki,

and Kiyomura Kawane.

Miki and Miria <3

This is their debut single called More Kiss/Song for You and both songs are awesome. And despite being incredibly young (their average age is 13), they are actually really good dancers.

Here are my encodes of the two PVs.

More Kiss:

Song for You:

And here are both PVs streaming back to back:

This single sold 9,000 copies in its first week (about 15,000 total), so if you like what you see, support Fairies!


  1. YES! FAIRIES! I LOVE THEM!!!! I like them almost as much as I do the H!P groups! I'm in love with the More Kiss dance! :D

    I bought that single too. Just regular edition but now I'd like to get that photobook also ;__;

  3. Awe, so happy to see Fuu-chn on the cover and poster!

  4. You should check FLOWER as well :D
    Their debut single "Still" is a must !!!!!!

  5. Hi. Thank you very much for uploading great files. I love Feiries. I’ve bought this CD of regular version(no DVD version). So, could you upload original DVD files? I really want to watch and enjoy hi quality movie of Fairies. Thanks in advance!