Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wanna see more subtitled videos? Translators are needed!

TPF is once again recruiting (well, we never stopped, but we're pretty much set at the other positions. That is, unless you are a better typesetter than me, which isn't that hard to do because I'm horrible at it). This time, we really could use another translator or two (or more; don't be shy!).

There are so many videos we'd like to work on, but SFG (our leader) is the only translator we have. We could literally double the amount of things we could release if we just had another reliable translator.

You don't even have to be fluent in Japanese to be a translator. You just need a pretty good understanding of the language.

So, if you are interested, please either leave a comment here or contact me at!

(Picture not related; I just love MiyaSaki)


  1. Would love to help, but my japanese isn't that good... So sorry

  2. I'd love to help too, but my Japanese level isn't good enough (I hardly understand a H!P Time episode).

    But if you need an English to French translator, I'd be the one xD

  3. My japanese is pretty crap right now but maybe next year. I would love to help since the amount of decent idol sub-groups is always embarrassingly small compared to anime.

  4. I want to help! My japanese is pretty fucking decent. I understand about 80% of any variety show. I'm way better at casual speech.

    I'm definitely interested in translating HP stuff after doing JE for so long. :)

  5. Oh hey murr! I know you from IW~

    Do you have a preferred email or another method of contact? (If you don't want to post it publicly, we can continue this conversation at

  6. I can help too, my Japanese isn't a 100%, but it's pretty decent (Something like murr said).
    I won't have trouble translating stuff as HPT or such, but I'm not able to translate 24/24 every day, I have school and such so >__<;

  7. I wish I could speak japanese so I can help.
    i'm so sad I don't because these subtitled videos are so important to me and I would like to give back
    In the future I will help!

  8. Awesome, Chiyo! Please email me at and we'll continue talking there~

  9. Hrm. A friend redirected me to this website, and I happened to come across and I'm interested to go back into translating.
    If you still need help, I'm a 2nd Gen Jap/English speaker :3
    If you do need any help, then here's my e-mail :3
    Dreamingdear(a) ヾ(*・∀・)/
    (Replace the (a) with @ :3)