Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Watch Mobekimasu live at Yomiuri Land in about 5 hours!

Mobekimasu will be having a release event later today at 12:50 (noon) Japan time and it will be streamed live on Niconico here:

That's at 10:50 PM (basically less than 5 hours from now) for the US east coast. Go to this website to find out what time it will be in your country.

And just incase you still don't have a Niconico account, you can make one for free! The website is in Japanese, but I made a sign up guide a while ago that you can read here.

Don't count on me recording it because I've had troubles with my recording program as of late, but I'll certainly try! And if not, a wota usually records it.


  1. Wow this sure been worth staying up late for and registering on that site for. I cant believe
    C-ute did Tokaikko Junjō, I love that song-usually they only do the recent singles att events like this. What a great follow up to Kiss Me Aisheteru.