Sunday, November 20, 2011

H!P 2011 Summer WOW WOW concert download link

The second DVD release of Hello! Project's 2011 summer concert tour.

Some of the songs are the same, but for the most part, the WOW WOW version features a new setlist. There is also a S/mileage sub-member announcement MC near the beginning (complete with a longer Uchouten LOVE Tsunku ver. than what we've heard and yes its as awesome as ever).

Overall I liked this setlist more than YEAH YEAH, but again, I thought the concert really kicked in during the second half. Nanchatte Renai was amazing. Sayu sounded great rapping and looked super hot in her outfit.

A little later, C-ute and S/mileage sang Seishun no Serenade with Manoeri. Seishun no Serenade Kimasu ver. may be my favorite performance of it ever.

Like the other version, there are three bonus performances. First was Risako singing the Party.

Second was Aichan's version of SOME BOYS! TOUCH.

Although I was more excited watching Chisato's version, but Aichan's definitely was more skillfully done. And on the subject of Chisato, I was really, really impressed with her throughout these two concerts. Almost every time she opened her mouth to sing, I was in awe of her awesomeness. Girl has really become a top notch singer.

Anyway, the final solo was Reina performing Ganbaranakutemo ee nen de!!

I couldn't think of a better way to end these concerts. Words cannot describe how much I loved her cover of this S/mileage song. Like seriously I like it just as much as the original version.


Download links:

Download both parts and join with winrar, 7zip, or any similar program. The video is 1.56 GB, 480p, 2 hours 30 minutes, and has chapters.

Youtube is still processing the streaming version as I write this, so keep checking back until it finishes:


  1. Aichan performing Some Boys TOUCH is an instant win for me. <3 It makes me miss her all over again. ;_;

    Thanks for uploading! :D

  2. do you have a torrent for this? Thank you.

  3. Have I told you sometime that I LOVE YOU!! XD
    Thanks Chris! :3

  4. WOW WOW amazing. Just love all the performances especially the cover songs done by Aichan and Reina. My mind just melte..............d, oops sorry bout that;)
    The Force is strong with this one.”
    Once again, Thank You!!!

  5. @Anon1: Ryochan made a torrent of the YEAH YEAH version so he might do it for this one too. If not then I'll do it.

  6. ofcourse! ^^ thank you! chris!
    this one is WOW WOW ^^:

  7. They actually included the unedited version of the S/mileage submember announcement (complete with Uchouten Love Tsunku version) on this one. Epic.

    When Tsunku sauntered suavely on stage I just started smiling. The Eggs sitting on stage didn't seem to be able to fathom what was happening. Some of them were laughing like crazy. Very entertaining.

  8. will u post Blu-ray when it comes out?

  9. ^ If someone uploads the blu-ray DVDISO, yes. Otherwise probably not since I don't think I'll have enough to buy it.

  10. I can't download the torrent... it says I somewhat don't have a ration? but oh well I'll wait 20 hours. >_<

  11. Arigato jedimastertrunks!! Sugoiiiii Thanks for sharing. And yes! we want the H!P Summer Concert ISOS uplaoded

  12. I loved the group Love Machine opening

  13. Thanks for uploading! I've been waiting for still since forever it seems.

  14. Can anyone reu-pload new links?? I can't find these files anywhere... :'(

  15. the links are not working can anyone please re-upload PLEASE PLEASE!!