Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Contest #6: Chobineko's Ai believe in Love

Here is Chobi's second place winning entry.

Ai believe in Love

I've always been a loner. I've never loved anyone, neither my family nor my neighbors. I don't understand the concept of love and I don't feel the need. I love solitude.

However, I was struck by several happy events in my life, and the one I'm going to talk about is one of them. A woman, we shouldn't name her for the moment. I want your mind to be touched by her incredible beauty as neutral as was mine. Consider the woman as unknown.

My story begins on September 30, in Japan. Disorientation from the country you're living in, I have no doubt about it, and that's what makes the charm of this meeting.

Fascinated by Japanese culture since my childhood, I, after a long and hard time, managed to pay me a trip to the country that attracted me so much... I arrived on September 15, to leave the 30th. Normally. Because it happened to me something that wasn't actually planned.

On September 30 so, I was walking quietly in Tokyo. A sumptuous city, incredible to see at least once in your life with your own eyes. I didn't know where I was going, I was alone in the middle of Japan, wondering myself if I was out of place with my typical Western physical appearence.

After having admired far and wide that city, provided with a million things, night fell and I had to go. Reluctantly, of course, Tokyo is a marvel when it's illuminated... But my shinkansen was arriving soon, so I had to hurry, though I didn't really want, especially today which was my last real day here. I like Japan. But, unfortunately, I won't have the chance to live there fully one day. We can still dream, and that is what had happened to me, a dream. Or rather a laugh. A huge laugh from behind me. A laugh so melodious that I lost my words. A hearty and clear laugh, that fill your heart with happiness and makes you feel so good that you're wondering if this is real.

Curiosity was ahead of me, so I turned. A girl. A girl with a particularly attractive charm. The first thing I saw was her smile, more precious than the most brilliant and gorgeous jewelry. She was wearing sunglasses, I wondered why. As soon as she saw me, she hastened to turn to another girl - I can only assume it was one of her friends - with some embarrassment, as if she was afraid that her laughter could bore me. I didn't know why, or the consequences it would have, but I decided to follow the girl. I rode the shinkansen she seemed to be waiting. Doesn't matter where, I would go.

As soon as I sat, I looked furtively in all directions. She didn't seem to be there. I sighed, thinking that I went in the wrong one, but she passed suddenly in front of me me and sat on a seat where I could fully contemplate her.

Oddly, she was still wearing her sunglasses, then she looked in front and behind and took them off. As if she was keeping an ey o,n something or someone. I could see her whole face which seemed so sweet ... These brown eyes look out the window nostalgically as if something was missing. That girl was probably the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. She was simple, and like any young Japanese woman, considered the fashion as something important and therefore had a very special and original style that made me smile and admiring her in the same time.I wondered what I looked like there, speechless, looking at her doing any act. Everything she did, she was so pretty doing it, seemed so gentle, so serene and yet so sad. I wish I was there in front of her, make her laugh like her friend made ​​her laugh, knowing what was wrong, do everything I can to make her happy as she deserved. I feel like a big idiot. True, I didn't know her, and I who was always used to be so alone, I felt something for the first time. I didn't know what it was. But it relieved me, hurt me, made me shiver, stressed me. It was good.

The shinkansen stopped. Fukui. I didn't know that, yet without boasting I know the map of Japan on the fingertips ... I saw her going out, following my instincts I quietly followed her as well. On the station platform, she put on her sunglasses, and walked. Her walk was feminine, classy and yet  very leisurely. She appeared here in her element. Her expression was less nostalgic, I wonder if she loves this place...

She stopped.

I stopped too.

She cast a quick glance back and saw me. Without knowing why I walked towards her. Why does she stand there without moving? I continued to move forward and stopped in front of her. By removing her glasses, she said "You will continue to follow me for a long time?" With this beautiful smile that literally turned my heart in every single possible way.

I realized that her first name suits her very well. Love.