Saturday, November 19, 2011

Hello! Project 2011 Summer YEAH YEAH download link

The YEAH YEAH version of H!P's summer concert.

There were two different H!P summer concert DVDs released - the YEAH YEAH version and WOW WOW version. Riho (and of course Aika) are absent from this DVD, which sucks. I always hate it when girls aren't able to participate, but it couldn't be helped.

At first, I found the setlist to be just okay (mainly because the new singles aren't my favorites), but then Suki-chan kicked in and the concert picked up in a major way. Manoeri and Berryz kicked the performance off and S/mileage finished it strongly.

From there, we have nonstop awesomeness starting with Ai no Dangan.

Risako really, really sounded amazing here. Captain too. The whole performance just had something extra special that the first half of the concert was missing. Watching it last night, I was sure that it would be the best performance of the night, until...

C-ute's Iza Susume! Steady Go. I've always liked this song but I've never seen it performed so well before. The energy in this performance is just off the charts, I mean my goodness. And I have to mention Nakky here. She sounded as good as she has ever sounded in this performance. Part of me wants to say she sounded the best, but Chisato was being her usual amazing self and was a bit better.

Not to be outdone, Manoeri and S/mileage join Berikyuu to perform Makeruna Wasshoi live for the first time and once again I was impressed. It wasn't quite as good as the two performances before it, but it was still a good, solid effort.

Afterwards, Morning Musume performed Only you and continued the string of great performances and then the rest of the girls returned to the stage for two more large group performances.

Just when you think the concert was over, it's not. There are three bonus performances after the credits. Maasa starts it off with a solo performance of S/mileage's Ganabaranakutemo ee nen de!

I don't think I could've come up with a more random combo if I tried. The song didn't really fit Maasa (you either need to have a squeaky voice or hyper happy-go-lucky personality to pull this song off, I think), but Maasa did the best she could with it. It was cool seeing her with a small army of Eggs behind her too.

Next was Chisato singing Goto Maki's SOME BOYS! TOUCH.


Unfortunately they change camera angles like every half second and the floor rolling doesn't really last long anyway ("rolling" probably isn't the right word, but who cares - it's hawt). I just wish we'd get to see Miya's version but it doesn't seem to be on any of the setlists (not even the Blu-ray version). If I never get to see Miya rolling on the floor I will be very sad

Anyway, here is the setlist:

Download links:

Download both parts and join with winrar, 7zip, or any similar program. The video is 1.50 GB, 2 hours, 480p, and contains chapters.

Or watch streaming:


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