Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Mobekimasu live at Yomiuri Land Niconico stream download link

Mobekimasu's live event at Yomiuri Land from last night (yes, I somehow successfully recorded it!).

S/mileage started off the concert singing Tachiagaaru and from there, all of the other acts sang their last singles. Afterwards, there was a large introduction MC and Mobekimasu sang H!P All Star's All for One & One for All and then a familiar face walked on stage.

Yep, Aika can walk now, yay! She didn't perform, but it's nice to see her again. Next S/mileage sang their soon-to-be released "Please Miniskirt Postwoman" single and it was one of the concert's highlights for me.

Totally loved the outfits. Nyon-sama looked especially cute in her hat with her ear poking out. <3

The rest of the event was a standard H!P concert - each act sang two of their songs and had a short group MC. Manoeri announced her new single to release in Feburary 22 2012. I think it's a double A side (either that or it has two titles), but my Japanese failed me here.

After all of that was over, everyone once again came together on stage for a large MC. Tsunku then appeared via a VTR and scared the hell out of everyone watching. Captain was the only member absent from this event and Tsunku addressed that in the VTR. From what I remember, he basically said "About Captain..." *long dramatic pause* "...yesterday was her birthday." Tsunku is really a troll in real life

He also appeared again for another VTR (and again, I held my breath). This time he actually had news - H!P Egg auditions! He also said something about new shuffles (at the H!P winter concerts I guess).

Overall, this event was really awesome. It was nice getting a look at S/mileage's new single. Manoeri sounded as good as ever (she's improved so, so much since she debuted). The setlist was pretty good - we got to hear all of the girls' latest songs and some old ones mixed in plus some actual announcements.

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  1. "Posted by jedimastertrunks at 1:11 AM". Woah.
    It's the 1.11 phenomena all over again. 8D

    And thanks for recording it! <3 Agree-ing with you on the "Tsunku is a troll in real life". XD Seriously, this man will give me a heart attack... one day. 8D;

  2. Geez Tsunku you're a troll.

  3. Would you be able to Stream this!? I can't play .mp4 files :) x

  4. Thanks for recording it!

    I hate how Reina gets 90% of Ai's lines and how the big screen always zooms in on her :/

    Aww, I love how Kanon gave her last Cinderella Revolution Bang to Kumai XD

    S/mileage's new song is so cute!! I know the preview for it was shot a long time ago, but I doubt I was the only one watching Kana for any mistakes today :P

    Anyone know who Mano's current eggs are?

  5. Streaming version added.

    @Holly: Mano's Egg escort definitely consisted of Kaneko Rie. I'm 70% sure Takagi Sayuki was also one. For the other 2, it was really hard to make out. I'd guess Nagasawa Wakana and I could've sworn I saw Karin at one point (she was definitely at the concert, at least).

  6. Where's Captain at? I just noticed that she's not there o_o.

  7. @Holly i totally agree about Reina, i mean i like her, but do they really have to impose her on the fans so much? and they have so much talented girls... besides Airi and Sayumi are more popular than Reina, at least give them some spotlight too...and loving Harunan introduction: "I love games, manga and Michishige san!!!" >.<

  8. Luv the new smileage song, 10th gen danced pretty well, tsunku making us worry about captain (was she in her b/day event?) was hilarious, glad aika is back still limping, and the announcement of the egg auditions makes you think of making a new group (maybe Karin and some other girls?).
    Again, thanks!