Sunday, November 13, 2011

Contest #6 winners!

Contest #6: Show me your writing skills is now complete and I have decided on the winners!

As someone who likes to write, I thoroughly enjoyed reading everyone's entries. As usual, there were a few that really stood out and I managed to narrow it down to two winners.

First place goes to ayachii! Ayachii won first place because she sent in not one, but two amazing entries. Either of them would have won first place by themselves, so this was an easy decision. Her first fanfic was an Airi x Aichan vampire story and it was done really well. It made the fanboy in me really happy. Of course, I haven't seen Vampire Stories yet, but I'm pretty sure I'd enjoy the movie more if they used Ayachii's plot.

Her second story featured a romance between Sayumi and gAi-kun. When I was reading this fic, I was wondering where she was going with the story, but by the middle it started to really get good and I totally laughed at the ending. Good job Ayachii!

Second place goes to Chobineko! I'm sure this isn't a surprise to anyone whose read Chobi's works before; she's definitely a great writer. Despite not being a native English speaker, her spelling and grammar was among the best I received.  I particularly loved her story because it reminded me a lot of one I wrote about Captain back when I was still in High School and had just discovered Hello! Project. Only Chobi's is much better than mine.

So congrats to Ayachii and Chobineko! I have emailed you both, so please email be back with your addresses.

There were a few people that came really close to winning this time (especially you Amanda, you were so close), but don't worry. I have one final contest (at least for a while) that will be happening (hopefully) soon! Contest 7 will be the easiest one yet, so stay tuned!


  1. Waoh... Thank you very much!!!! I'm really happy. Congrats to Ayachii too! I'd really want to read her fanfics.

    Thank you again.

  2. u_u I am sad! because I didn't sent nothing.... u_u (f*cking white mind! XD)
    but.... CONGRATULATIONS! :D to the winners!
    Chris! must have been a hard desition no?? ^^

  3. congrats to the winners!!! :D I agree with the Chobi one ^^ she's definitely a great writer :3

  4. @Chobi: If you and Ayachii give me permission, I will post your fanfics in another post so that everyone can read them.

    @ryochan: Yeah~ It's always hard picking winners because everyone always does so well.

    @Melisa: You're a good writer too when you concentrate. Remember you won my C-ute poster by writing lol

  5. Congrats!!! both stories sound very creative! (Not like my ideas.) Even if I never wrote a fanfic before and there are many good writers out there, I wanted to write one.
    Well I hope you're right that your next contest will be easy, because school sure keeps my busy.

  6. eh...? *blink* waaaaaaaaa~
    THANK YOU ! didn't thought i'll... make it...
    congratz to Chobiiii :D !!!

    I wont mind if you post my stories here :) thank you, lots~

  7. I didn't make it, but I'll do my very best in the next contest~! anyways, congratulations to the winners! :))

  8. I won't mind if it's posted too!

  9. Yeah, post it please! It's hard to find good fanfics.