Sunday, November 6, 2011

Goto Maki wants to return to UFA

Goto Maki stated that "I would be delighted if they invited me,” when asked about joining Dream Morning Musume (aramatheydidnt).

After 2011 ends, Goto Maki will be putting her music career on hold and will be taking a well deserved rest from the entertainment business, but I would love it if in late 2012 or early 2013 she'd rejoin UFA.

As a side note, her last album before hiatus called Aikotoba (VOICE) went on sale Wednesday and I must say that it is the definition of awesome. Every single song on it is amazing. Before, I had zero plans to get it, but after hearing it, I now have my eye on the CD + DVD version.


  1. If they added Goto Maki into Dream MoMusu, that'll be so awesome! <3 She has a talent that shouldn't be ignored. <3

  2. Yeah, Dream Momusu could use her. I mean she was very popular( and talented) during the Golden Momusu era. I loved her newest cd. It is really something.

  3. they should ask aibon back as well