Sunday, November 6, 2011

Mobekimasu performance on Music Japan 11/6/11 download link

Mobekimasu's Busu ni Naranai Tetsugaku performance on Music Japan today.

This time around, all Mobekimasu members are present, making this performance great.

Oh and there's a pervy cameraman

60 fps download link (3 minutes, 720p HD, 146 MB) :
30 fps download link (3 minutes, 720p HD, 121 MB) :

60fps is recommended unless you have a very old computer.


I will also encode the full show later today (Mobekimasu, Momoiro Clover Z, AKB, SKE, Perfume, and Yusuke perform and I think there are other artists in the talk but I haven't watched yet).

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  1. Ah, was waiting for a decent encode.
    Many thanks.

    The show in general was pretty fun.
    Idol fans sure were spoiled tonight.

    Even the 2PM guys were funny. Must not have been easy for them to be crowded out by so many ladies.