Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Airii~n Deshou?! Monthly Wrap Up (November 2011 Edition)

Another month has come and gone and now there's just one month left in 2011! I swear as I get other, the years fly by faster

It was a given that November was going to be a much slower news month than October was, with last month's shocking Yuukarin graduation announcement. But slow(er) does not equal bad, as Mobekimasu's first group single released, had more promotion than anyone could keep up with, and is on pace to become H!P's top selling single of the year.

In my sixth contest, I opened it up to writers of all types. Entrants were allowed to submit any work they composed themselves, whether it was a poem, a fanfic, an essay, or something entirely different with hopes of winning a copy of Aichan's graduation single. After everything was said and done, Aya-chii and Chobineko earned first and second place due to their entertaining fanfics.

One of the more interesting Mobekimasu promotion was the Sakigake! Ongaku Banzuke Eight TV appearance. There were many great moments including Sayu and Momo's cuteness battle and Gakisan face stretching to name two.

No, they're not releasing one together (though that would be interesting..), but Yurina and Momoko are the two next members to get e-Hello DVDs. Kumai's looks to be a typical virtual date, look-pretty-for-the-camera DVD, while Momoko's seems to actually have a story. The last time a Berryz DVD intro had a story, it was a huge disappointment so I won't get my hopes up just yet, but it looks to have a lot of potential.

A direct quote from her certainly seems to point in that direction. A UFA-Goto reunion in 2013 would instantly be awesome.

Another of the notable Mobekimasu promotional TV appearances. This episode is chock full of idols and a quiz battle, making it a must watch. If you only care about the Mobekimasu parts, this is the link you want.

A short talk involving the usual Momo antics and Busu ni Naranai Tetsugaku performed live.

Both of this year's summer concerts, encoded by me. The setlists weren't my favorite this time around, but the performances were solid and there were some standout solos (looking at you, Chisato's Some Boys Touch).

 S/mileage sub-member stuff, Ikuta's OhaStar adventures, and Hagi/Airi drawing manga.

A very entertaining solo appearance by Momoko on a show where she gets to shop for whatever she wants, with the possibility of getting it all for free.

It sold just shy of 50,000 copies and earned a weekly #4. Mobekimasu missed out on #3 by just 1000 copies and kept pace with Aichan's graduation single, making Busu ni Naranai Testugaku a huge success that many people weren't sure a post-Aichan H!P had in them.

A release event for Busu ni Naranai Testsugaku at Yomiuri Land. Just about everyone made an appearance (including Aika), and all of the groups performed their new singles (along with Busu ni Naranai Tetsugaku, of course). Nyon-sama also looked quite ravishing in S/mileage's new outfits, as well.

  • Berryz 2010 Fall solo angles
I've began to post my encodes of Berryz's solo angles for their 2010 Fall concert. Check out Captain, Chinami, and Maasa!

From the Yomiuri Land event above, here is S/mileage's two solo performances.

Definitely one of my favorite episodes of the year, it features some Gakisan/Captain/Maimi leader time, Maichan and Ikuta both interviewing their favorite members, Captain's shameful drawings, and some Buono! fun.

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