Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Contest #6: Ayachii's Melancholy of the Night

Both winners (Ayachii and Chobi) were fine with me posting their fanfics, so here they are. There isn't really an easy way to post three long fanfics in one post, so I separated them into three posts.

First place went to Ayachii, who sent in two fanfics. My favorite is first: her vampire fic featuring Aichan, Airi, and a surprise guest at the end.

Melancholy of the Night

Heavens cried heavily that night. Its countless tears racing to touch the earth, letting the coldness of sorrow be felt and known across the land. Yet the murmurs of every droplet clasping down never made it through the room, only to be seen without recognition by someone who never needed warmth as it sat in dark emptiness.
Takahashi Ai watched the window be drenched on the scourging rain. Night is dark, darker than it should be with thickly clouded full moon. Yet she’s not afraid, she felt no concern. Silently she sat still in her own chamber, barely distinguished with the blackness comfortably settling with her.
She can feel her coming. Her scent is unmistakable. A scent that haunts her every single night, not failing to stain her sense with impatience… of wanting it to just vanish as soon as possible. But she know better of herself, to tame the animalistic instinct roaring within her. She had often conversed with this human, and had successfully avoided to cause any phenomenon every time. Night will pass by, and so this being, like its daily routine of passing by her chamber’s door. Tonight was fated to be different though.
The door cracked slightly open, and a lamp peeked behind it walked in, poorly illuminating a girl that held it. Takahashi can clearly tell that she’s wearing her usual skimpy maid outfit which often exposes those creamy thighs to her.
“Of what reason brought you here, Suzuki-san?” She quietly asked as the lamp was put on her table, bringing light to her features. Her golden streaks of short hair glimmered with it, her face hidden beneath the shadows of her own hands lightly placed on her head. Yet her eyes can be seen through the spaces of those fingers, off to somewhere else, open and blank.
The girl of Suzuki name didn’t flinch before her, opposed of what she thought.  A rather well-thought, or might even be well-rehearsed, reply was given. “I thought you might needed light since powers are out.”
“Which is that lamp, I assume.” She believe her not, she’s fully aware that the words weren’t true. But it is also beyond her knowing what the real intentions behind the lie are. And she doesn’t yearn to learn, she’s more interested of simply seeing the girl tonight. “How you’ll walk back to your headquarters, dear helper?”
The girl was left unprepared for such question, however being so far composed in silence. Takahashi acknowledge it, and spoke once again. “Suzuki-san wants to stay with me in this chamber, right?”
It was rather a fact stated rather than a question, but the girl answered nevertheless. “If Takahashi-sama will permit.”
“Oh Airi-chan~” Takahashi shifted off the formalities as she merged from the seat, sauntering to the gloomy space before the huge window. “You know the light isn’t a necessity for me. You know who I am.
Her guest remained rooted to her place, unmoved and silent, still illuminated by the poor light.
The girl is smart, Ai won’t deny. That made an exception for her, if not of the world, but of the world unknown. Suzuki Airi gained knowledge beyond of what an ordinary human must only know. She took a suspicious job from an old Russian mansion isolated in the middle of the forest, only to find out that she works for inhabitants unlikely her kind. She met beings above normality, including Takahashi herself. Vampires.
“And yet you’re not afraid.” A faint smile played on her lips as she turned and held the stalking gaze, seemingly a challenge offered. “Are you, Airi-chan?
The lamp’s little, shy blaze was blew out to nothing. Only the blackness was the girl able to perceive, lacking the extraordinary senses of the other whose presence lingers unknown around her. While this vampire can vividly see her, her blood flowing with more vigor while feel and hear her heart pounding faster at new found terror of uncertainty. Her scent grew stronger than ever, her throat rebelling with the burning desire to experience the object of attention.
Fear, Airi-chan
Fragile being you are
You’ve caused such havoc among us upon your arrival
Do you know how sweet, tempting your blood is
Vampire I am, Airi
I could have just beaten you right here and now
Anytime I desire
Quiet whispers among the still air, coming everywhere. Toying the poor being as she whirled in puzzlement, continuously trying to grab something but nothing out in the darkness. She clutched her ears, tightly closing her eyes, her inside crumbling to a new feeling… fear… Fear. FEAR
Aren’t you afraid?
“I’m not scared of you, Takahashi-sama.” She unconsciously blurted out, falling into calmness again.
Vampires, beautiful creatures as Airi found them, yet deceiving. A mantle of perfection, perfectly hiding the horrifying secrets of their kind’s reality. Simply their presence exquisites such charm that can lure you to instantly lend your heartbeat for them. And though she was very cautious of her own self from the vampires she socialized with through this work, being this close to her- so close of feeling the vampire breathing hotly on her neck from behind, made her emotions stirred within. She has admired the respected vampire ever since she first met her. Kind and gentle in every way, her smile and words washed away that fear of vampires. The existence of vampire head Takahashi Ai made her believe and hope, that humans and vampire can co-exist peacefully.
“I love you Ai-chan.” Airi softly muttered, taking a deep breath before letting out those words without hesitation. “I’m willing to offer my own blood to you.”
The vampire’s prolonged resistance was now taking effects on her. Standing this close behind this human was a regrettable, foolish mistake committed. The pulse beat was vibrating and echoing wildly within her head,  and the exposed neck dazed invitingly before her sight. Her breathing got faster and shallow, struggling to battle with the instinct she’s been trying to control.
Shakily she grabbed the girl’s thin shoulders, holding it firm as her fangs grew out longer. The girl before her solemnly closed her eyes, waiting for those fangs penetrate her bare neck. Even it means living to be a vampire just to be with you…
Almost too immediately, the presence left her and nothing came.
The vampire managed to detached herself from Airi just before she bit her, desperately swirling around and throwing out her open palm to the air. Someone who had been watching for awhile was drawn flying out of the darkness with so much force. She wasted no time burying her fangs on its neck instead as she welcome her.
Foreign memories flashed before her eyes as she consumed hungrily the fellow vampire. The younger vampire’s old life, horrible past, her near-death encounter. Her first kill as a vampire, her struggle and lonely nights being a vampire. A human she met, hidden smiles she kept beyond the humans knowing, the first time she called the human by her name “Airi”.
A kiss.
The elder vampire drew herself out from the drained younger, holding her still effortlessly. She’s all yours, Yajima.
The human only watched in horror as the vampire suck blood greedily, pausing, before dropping her prey. Takahashi remained standing before the weakened victim, who now became all too familiar to Airi, gasping in realization.
She froze as their eyes met each other again, those shimmering eyes of  bloody-red. A smile was formed on her lips, as she licked the thumb that wipe a bit of her bloodied face. “Take care of yourself, Airi-chan,” was the last words uttered to her, before disappearing into the night.
She fell slumped on the floor, feeling all of her energy leave her knees. Distraught was her mind at the moment, yet her soul sought to reach Yajima Maimi whom her heart knew so well.
I’m sorry was all her lips could muster, before taking the younger vampire she loved into her arms.