Saturday, November 26, 2011

Airiindeshou DVD Donation Project poll #1

I just noticed that Buono!'s Rock'n4 Buono! concert releases December 7th (the Blu-ray version too), so I'd better get this underway now. Read on if you plan on donating. Otherwise, just ignore this and wait for my next upload~

Here is a poll listing all of the remaining concert DVDs for this year plus the Blu-ray PV collections. Please vote for whichever DVDs you would donate towards. You can select as many as you want.

Then, leave a comment on this post (or email me at if you want to keep it private) telling me which DVDs you voted for and how much you would donate toward each.

Also, there is a possibility that we won't have enough for the things you voted for, so if you are okay with your donation going towards whichever DVD needs it the most let me know.

For example,

I voted for the Blu-ray version of Rock'n Buono! 4 and the Blu-ray version of Aichan's graduation concert and I would donate $30 toward each, but I'm fine with my donation going toward anything.

And don't forget to read the Q&A if you haven't already. Thank you!

EDIT: Fixed a typo in the poll (of course, it's S/mileage's 2011 fall concert, not 2010).


  1. Blu-ray PV Collections!! XD ALL! :3 and Ai-Chan's

  2. I would donate for the 3D-Version of MM's Rival Survival Concert, which was only streamed by Sky TV in December 2010. I like 3D!!!
    As I'm from Europe we don't have any chance to watch japanese TV. On the other hand I prefer HD-Bluray-Iso, because it's most comfortable to watch. Those BD I like, I buy later via Amazon or Yesasia. Because the downloads can be very large, I like to have good preview pictures, showing the scenes each 5 to 10 minutes.

  3. Hi - I voted for Momusu PV Collections, and the Aichan Bluray over the dvd, as it I think it has more materials. I'm willing to give $30USD. If one of those are chosen I could give an additional $10USD :)

  4. I agree with what anonymous said. I would love to download the MM Rival Survival concert. But everywhere I look, I can't find the download link.
    Do you know any download links? or could you put up the download link for that concert. It was amazing.
    Thank You.

  5. @Anon and Yasser96: There is no 3D Blu-ray of that concert. The SkyTV version is the only 3D version there was. I can't encode 3D anyway because it requires programs that isn't free. But I can encode the normal Blu-ray some time.

    @Antiswanky: Thanks!

  6. Come on guys - 20 people voted for S/mileage's new concert but only one person has commented how much they'd donate towards it. We might already have enough and I'd be able to buy it soon!

  7. @jedimastertrunks
    I meant in general about the Rival Survival concert. I would love to download it.

  8. I shared this in Facebook ! ^^ I hope it helps something! ;D

  9. @Yasser96: Sure, I think I have the DVD somewhere on my PC

    @ryochan: Thanks!

  10. No problem! I get paid on the first. I should be okay to donate that day.

    I did some quick conversion and the Aichan graduation is the most expensive thing right now at about 110 USD. The Morning Musume PV is about 48 USD pre shipping. So if that doesn't go through this round, I may consider funding you most of the money just for opportunity to have nice copies of all the PVS :)
    My budget for this isn't very big right now, but if I plan ahead it should be good.
    Those of us who want the Aichan graduation.. that may take a little campainging! But thing of it this way, the internet can benefit from it too.

  11. @jedimastertrunks.
    Your so cool and helpful! If you do have the DVD, could you upload it onto your blog?

  12. @Antiswanky: Cool, just email me when you send it and I'll reply back to confirm I received the donation. Thanks!

    Luckily a lot of people are interested in the Aichan concert as well so we'll see how that goes.

    @Yasser96: I can make an encode of it but not soon.

  13. @jedimastertrunks
    Thanks okay. I guess...