Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Contest #6: Ayachii's second fanfic

This is Ayachii's second fanfic and the last of the three winning fanfics by Ayachii and Chobi. The ending is truly brilliant.


What the hell…
Come’on, this is great!
You know that’s not…
Geez! Being a freak at this moment?!
Ok, Ok! Lemme---
Hey, not that much!
I thought you want me to---!
Sayumi is pissed. Whoever is trying to do a mischief during her nice, hot spring bath is not doing a good job to at least keep it a secret to their selves. Grabbing a bucket of  water, she marched out of the bath (not forgetting to wrap herself a towel of course).
Indeed, there were guys arguing in whispers (which is such a failure to be called a whisper) with each other for that one little whole on her bath’s wall.
“I just wanted to show you! She’s mine you know!”
“And I’m not planning to take her either! Oh wait, there’s no one in the spring anymore…?”
Sayumi didn’t bother to consider one more moment as she threw out the water at the two perverts, also throwing along the wooden bucket which fortunately didn’t miss the other one and knocked him cold down to the floor. She was about to charge more of her not-so-athletic, but well-trusted fist towards the survived one, when he faced her at heightened alert.
For a moment, time slowed down and her world stopped spinning.
He was the most handsome creature that ever graced her fantasies. His golden hair formed into streaks as the water ran through them, framing his (surprised) angelic face as it stuck on its wetness. The droplets of water continued to trickle down on his (now just Sayu realized) shirtless body, his moderately-toned muscles glistening in the glory of sunlight. Her eyes traveled further down for more, only to find him wearing loose, yellow shorts.

The golden-haired boy stared horrified as the cruel palm of Sayu went pass him and hit his newly-awoken buddy instead, knocking him dead again. “KAME!”
“Oi oi oi! What the heck is happening?!” A skinny girl called out, also clad in towel, came racing towards them.
“These--- tha, that pervert,” Sayu pointed accusingly at the wincing boy, trying to miss the other who held him in his arms.  “He tried peeking on me!”
“Risa-chan.” The golden-haired boy, who now owns a name of ‘gAi-kun’, smiled shyly at Risa. “Well.. err---you know. Kame…”
“Ara Ara!” Risa brightly exclaimed, as of knowingly.
“You know him?” Sayu tried to correct herself, to at least expand her interest not only to that particular gAi-kun. “I mean, them?”
“They are my childhood friends~” Risa leaned on the vacant side of the sprawled Kame, earning a scowl when she tried hitting the palm-injured cheek. “And don’t worry, their pranks are totally harmless :D “
Mishichige Sayumi, a university student in Tokyo, came to her classmate Niigaki Risa’s hometown to inhale fresh air of countryside and relax herself in hot springs for her vacation. Who knew only in this place she’ll find the prince charming she had been dreaming off in her imaginations?
Fantasy ga Hajimaru
Days had passed and results seemed vague before her.
“Ah, sorry, Risa-chan already…”
“Sayumin can have Kame’s.”
It might have been easy, with her extreme cuteness and adorableness (yes, she’s very like that), only if her prince have at least bothered to talk to his princess (which is her) and stopped talking to his butler (which is her classmate Niigaki). Yeah, please don’t mind if she already casted the characters of her fairytale. Also minus the extra-character Kame who kept on tailing her like a shadow, which is supposed to be gAi-kun’s doings!
Somewhere along the way, with this Kame bothering her every single moment, she convinced herself that he must really be a shadow that her prince gAi-kun sent in order to protect her while he’s out… playing with his butler.
Maybe her mission is futile afterall. Her fairytale will just going to end-up with the prince falling in love with his butler instead, leaving the princess helplessly with the shadow to protect her forever. Her attempts were not working, her plan is not going as it is supposed to be.
But bunny gets whatever she wants.
“You’re weird.”
Just the night before their departure back to Tokyo, she FINALLY found herself alone with gAi-kun in a room, sitting beside him. She didn’t do anything about it! He just really likes to be with her! Well, err---maybe she did pull some strings beneath her sleeves…? But nothing serious! Just… just locking up a naked, horny-ed Kame in her room.. don’t ask how that happened.  But it wasn’t serious, right ? Yep… just like that.
And oh~ don’t worry about Risa. She’s just way too kind and considerate to be in harm. Just few good words can already set her safely out of Sayu’s (dangerous) way.
“Huh? Really.” That, isn’t the best compliment she’s expecting at the moment. “How do you say so…?”
He lowered the magazine he’s been reading and stared at her intently, making Sayu blush. Yeah, she knows she’s cute, and extremely, adorably cute but her eyes can’t help but shy away. “You’re…”
YES GAI-KUN I’M SO FREAKIN CUTE! “Your hair is messy.”
“Eh..?” She unconsciously uttered, not quite believing what was just said thus repeating it once again. Suddenly she scrambled in search of a comb, pulling out a huuuuge mirror along. How can she let her hair in a messy ponytail at this very rare chance?!
“Well,” she scooted closer and pulled instead her hair to wildly loose, aware of the effective smexy look it gives. “Don’t you think I look better in this?”
As he glanced once again on her, she heaved all of hair to one side, exposing the crook of her neck. She had done some reading, and facts informed her that this sight is pretty appetizing for men.
“Yeah.” TASTE ME, EAT ME, SAVOUR ME GAI-KUN!!!! “Maybe. I guess so. I dunno. really.”
Maybe not so delicious for him…
“Ehmmm…” Of course that’s not the only part guys find attractive! Not only the face (oh how resentful she feels about that)… and the neck…? Sayu lifted off her knees, bringing it to half-bent. The skirt slid smoothly down her thighs, “Don’t ya think it’s hot in here…?”
Sayu is pissed. And wants to break everything. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!
He was too absorbed on what he’s reading that he seemed not conscious of anything anymore. Her patience is running short, she can’t believe that this guy is too… too… WAAAHH! Whatever people call it!
But she’s not going to give-up. She’s the princess, maybe not a decent, golden-hearted princess you can find in fairytales. A spoiled princess that will get whatever she wants, and so she’ll get her prince.
She now totally leaned on him, intentionally resting her breast against his arm. It might be small, but at least he’ll feel something soft there! She slung her one arm across her back, affectionately holding his wrist with her another free hand. “Well, what are you reading?”
It worked.Maybe not the… something-soft plan, but the question itself.
gAi-kun now looked at her with full interest, his eyes sparkling with such enthusiasm. “Final Fantasy!”
“Is.. is that a game?”
“Yes! Do you know it? The Final Fantasy ?”
GAWD, THE TIGHT CHANCES! Don’t… ya – ever[!] dare, to ruin it…
“OH YEAH! Yeah! I do… It was good! I.. I LIKE IT! REALLY, TOTALLY! I’m so addicted to it in fact! You know, can’t stop playing? And will just realize time passed by already! Yep yep yep… final fantasy…
The bunnies were cute, weren’t they?”
His brows suddenly furrowed. “Ehh--- yeah?”
Okay. Maybe bunnies don’t exist in that damn game.
How much she wanted to rip her hair off her scalp when he began reading that shitty magazine again. That was indeed a final fantasy she could ever try attaining. The end of her fantasies. Why? Why?! Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy~
“You know,” She now grabbed his shoulders, quite failing to hide the desperation in that hold, completely taking his attention if not horrified. “There’s a much, much… better game than that.”
She kissed him. Brief and quick.
“What… was that…”
“An attack.” A game. “And you have to fight back.”
Once again, she sealed his lips with her own, but now longer as gAi-kun returned it.
She did it. She’s successful. The prince is hers. She felt herself rejoicing within.
“That was… interesting.”
“I told you right!” Now, a princess of more cheerfulness. “Can be addictive too…”
How come no one told me of that game before…”
“Coz,” she locked his gaze. One final attack. “You can only teach it to your most precious someone.”
Silence. He smiled at her. She felt excited. Did she get her point across…?
“I must teach Risa-chan.”