Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Mobekimasu - Hachi Nama 10/28/11 download link

Reina, Captain, Yurina, Mai, and Nakanishi Kana on a local TV show.

It's been a while since I've seen a video with a 4:3 square ratio, but this seems like a small local show so that explains it. The good thing is that, for the whole program (or at least most of it), the Mobekimasu members are present. 42 minutes of Mobekimasu on TV? Do want.

At first there is the typical self-introduction and a short talk between the members and the hosts (with some Kansai-ben mixed in if I'm not mistaken).

Then they are shown a VTR of some guy eating a freaking huge okinomiyai that costs like $50.

Of course, they weren't going to just show a VTR of it and not let them have some. Backstage a chef is hard at work making it live:

In the meantime, they decide to look through the girls' bags. How cruel lol.

And creepily sniffs Yurina's lol.

Take a look at Reina's cellphone strap that's bigger than the phone:

and her designer glasses. So much for these girls not making enough money

Nexr up is Kananananananana's

Inside it is, um...

At least she has money too

And according to Reina, Kananananana and her favorite animal, monkeys, look alike

Oh, Reina, look what you've done

Anyway next is Maichan's.

Inside her bag are... more bags?

He then proceeds to pull out something that embarrasses Haggychan, whatever it is:

Before he could get to Captain and Kumaicho's bags, the Okinomiyaki is finally ready. Lucky girls.

While they ate, they took fanmail.

Afterwards, one of the hosts started reading news I guess.

Then more mail.

And ends with promoting of some upcoming H!P events.

I enjoyed this appearance much more than I thought I would. The others were really short and basic "go by our new single kthnx", but this one actually had substance. The bag checking must've been embarrassing, but it certainly got the girls talking lol. There are quite a few TV appearances still to come, including a Sakigake! appearance sometime today if I remember correctly.

Download link: http://www.multiupload.com/DQE09RU756

It's 284 MB, 43 minutes long, and 640x480. I re-encoded this torrent to reduce the filesize by quite a bit.

Or watch streaming:


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