Thursday, December 1, 2011

[ADDP] H!P 2011 Summer Blu-ray donations

First of all let me officially announce that ADDP's first donation purchase was made today! Thanks to Mewtwo1928 and Amanda (and some of my money), we were able to afford the Blu-ray version of Buono!'s Rock'n 4 Buono! concert. It should be here on the 7th and I'll have an encode up the same day since I have no school that day.

So onto the next piece of business - Hello! Project 2011 Summer Blu-ray version. It's the next release after the Buono! concert so I will be collecting donations for that next (it releases the 14th).

21 of you said you'd donate towards H!P 2011 Summer, so now I need everyone to tell me how much they will donate by emailing me at

If we have enough (9524yen + shipping) then I'll buy it. You guys will have to do this one on your own because I'm saving the rest of my money for Aichan's graduation concert DVD. That means if everyone donates about $7, then you guys can afford it.

Don't forget to read the FAQ and then ask me if you still have questions.


  1. i still got to confirm my cc to paypal...
    when is the due date?

  2. Since it releases on the 14th, I need the money by the 9th or 10th.

  3. i've sent my donation and also fill the email in the paypal opt, that will do rite?