Saturday, September 3, 2011

S/mileage rap batttle

I.. I think this may be the greatest S/mileage MC ever. The picture above certainly speaks for itself. And Kanyon owns <3

This is from S/mileage's 2011 S/mile Factory Limited live. Hopefully the ISO shows up somewhere so I can do a proper rip of this


  1. That rap battle was awesome.
    When I blogged about it, I mentioned it was bizarre at first but highly entertaining nonetheless.
    Replayed it a couple of times.

    I only like rap when H!P does it.

  2. This is quite amusing xD

  3. SAKIIIIIIII!!!! I fell so miserable without her! :(

  4. Haven't looked into it yet...

    But I guess I'm excited for it ^^

  5. S/mile Factory 2011, the DVDrip is out but no ISO yet:

    The one tracker has the extra video: