Saturday, September 10, 2011


C-ute fans should already know this, but today, September 10th, is C-ute's day!

Every year on this date they have a Cutie Circuit concert and this year was no different. However, what was different is that the official C-ute channel uploaded three performances from the concert in full 1080p HD! It's pretty hard to see anything, but oh well. And Maichan's hairstyle is so cuuuute <3

I re-encoded the video to make the filesize a bit smaller.

1080p download link:
720p download link:
480p download link:


  1. maimai is super cute there!! too bad the camera is too far from the stage QAQ

  2. Man, looking at this makes me feel really bad for the people in the back, they can't see anything lol.