Sunday, September 25, 2011

Contest #5 winners!!

In total, 69 (!) different people entered. That is by far a new Airiindeshou record (in previous contests, no more than 15 people have ever entered), so be proud of yourselves! But, unfortunately that meant that competition was also the toughest that its ever been. I had the hardest time narrowing down all of those banners - seriously at least 12 people did well enough to win.

So, I had to eliminate some really, really great banners. I managed to get it down to 12 before I got stuck and that was when I realized I couldn't just pick one; that would've been impossible. That's why I picked three winners!

First place goes to Mirai!

The reason why I allowed people to make multiple banners was to not give everyone an unlimited amount of chances; but rather it was to see who could create greatness not only once, but many times (of course, it wasn't a requirement - there were plenty of amazing single banners). And Mirai did just that. Mirai didn't create four banners just because. She ('re a she right? If not, then sorry~) had a plan - one for each season. As soon as I get time, Airiindeshou will undergo some minor changes to implement Mirai's fall banner.

Here is one of Mirai's other banners - the spring one:

2nd place goes to my-chan!

my-chan came so, so close to getting first place with this banner:

I fell in love with it the first time I saw it. The font, the pictures used (I love the different expressions of Airi), everything was so well done. It's truly a work of art.

And then my-chan made a second banner:

which is a nice contrast to the first. You captured the many sides of Airi well. Amazing job. Like I said, you can amazingly close to first place. Mirai had the slight edge because of her seasonal idea (I realize that isn't the greatest explanation to pick one over the other, but in a contest as close as this, even the smallest details counted!).

And finally, third place goes to Hannah!

Originally she sent in just one banner and it was pretty darn good:

It definitely put her in the running, but there were others better.

Then, she made three more and she, too, seriously came close to winning first place. My favorite is this one with Su-san:

It's just so cheerful and bright. I don't know much about Photoshop or image editing, but in my opinion her four banners showed the most skill and creativity. The only reason why she didn't get first place is because the other two entries fit my blog just a little more. Airiindeshou has historically been a very dark (in color) blog and I felt that (and yes, I tested them) the others fit just a little better.

(Sorry I didn't know all of your names so I just called you by the names in your email addresses)

So congrats to Mirai, my-chan, and Hannah! I sent all three of you emails so check your inboxes!

Now, for everyone else: it's not over. I will have two more contests relatively soon - an essay/fanfic contest and then a contest just for the people who didn't win the first and second contest. That means that even if you didn't win now, there is still a chance!

PS, does anyone want to see the banners that got 4th-11th place? Assuming the original creators don't mind me posting them, I'd like to do so. They were all amazing.

PPS, Airiindeshou will be undergoing some minor changes soon (of course I'm going to use one of the winner's banners!). Here is a sneak preview of what Airiindeshou will look like soon (don't freak out, I still have some work to do, which is why it's a "preview"):


  1. want to see the 4th to 11th.. :) well, I'm a bit disappointed to myself, but Congratulations to the winners.. Those are really amazing.. Love the seasonal banners.. I'm excited to the next contest.. :)

  2. wa~~~~congrats 2 all winners....all d above r wonder eh...omedetou x3!! n yes i wanna see 4th-11th place!!!!

  3. congrate to all the winners... all nicely done... :)

  4. Those banners are beautiful! Congratulation to winners!

    P.S. I want to see the 4th to 11th :)

  5. WAH omg these are all so good! my-chan used the same picture as me, but it looks 1000x better. Great Photoshop skills everyone~
    I want to see all the banners!
    Congrats to the winners, you really deserved it! *-*

  6. I surely like the number one winner! X'3 SOOO NICE!!!!

  7. Yayyy!! I'm really happy for the winners!
    I love those contests when there's not even real "competition" and where each person do it for it's own pleasure, with all their heart, and after win!

    Congrats to them :D

    The other banners were awesome too =3
    I really like the season idea, simple yet awesome =D
    So congrats to Hannah & Mirai =DDD

    I'd love to see the other entries that didn't win too, cuz I bet they are also amazing =3

    Also everyone who will enter the next contest GOOOD LUCK =DDD

  9. Congratulations to the winners. Looking at their banners it's obvious why I haven't won. lol!

    And yes I'm curious to see 4th-11th place.

    But looking at the last picture, do you really want to let Airi constantly stare at your visitors? Maybe it's time for another contest. Creating a background image based on the winners' banners. :)

  10. ^"do you really want to let Airi constantly stare at your visitors?"

    I wouldn't mind :D

  11. Wow. All of them deserve the win. So i'm fine with losing~ >_< Congratz to all winners.

  12. OMG these banner are so nice, I didn't even regconize that I'm in the contest too when looking at these XD

  13. Congratulations to everyone who won!

    I had a feeling that My-chan would win because of how good she is at graphics! ^o^

    Anyways, congratulations everyone, the best banners won!!! <3

  14. Everyone's banners came out so good (=

  15. Congratulations to all the winners ^^ I really like the idea of making one banner for each season ^^

    And thanks again for this wonderful contest ^^

  16. :(
    congratulations! to the winners!! ^^

    oh, I thought senpai was going to give out more than 3 lol xD

  18. Waaah I'm so happy ^__________^
    I'm so glad I could help you :3
    Thank you very much >o<

  19. yes.. 4th-11th place please..