Thursday, September 8, 2011

C-ute - Sekaiichi HAPPY na Onna no ko limited DVDs download link

Color Box version from the limited B

and dance shot version from the limited A

Color box:

Dance shot:

If you like what you see, consider buying it!


  1. Thanks! I totally wanna mess with the brightness/contrast settings on this PV. I just don't understand how UFA could have released something so strangely colored.

    S/mileage's sub-members seems to be what S/mileage was for Mano when they first started: background dancers and vocals. Maybe that will change with the 12th single since they are still so very new for members. But it just reminds me of the 9th gen on the "Maji Desu ka SKA!!" b-side; they only got the "wow-wow, yeah-yeah" lines.

  2. *cries* I think I somehow jinxed S/mileage by bringing it up last night.

    They just announced that my favorite sub-member, Fuu-chan, is already out of the group. So much for getting to hear her vocaloid-voice in action.

    " S/mileage sub-member Kosuga Fukuya (13) has been diagnosed with anemia. She'll be leaving the group to recover and won't be returning. Once Kosuga is healthy again she'll be joining the H!P eggs - "