Monday, September 26, 2011

Contest #5: 4th through 11th place banners

By popular demand, here are the banners than placed 4th-11th. These banners did not win anything, but because they were all really awesome, they will be automatically entered to win in Contest #7, which will be a random drawing (more on contest #6 and #7 later).

Again, I don't know everyone's names so I'm just using the first part of your email addresses.

4th Place was ryochan:

Ah~ ryochan you came so close to 3rd place with this banner. There really isn't anything wrong with it. I just thought the other three people did a little better. I really love the font you chose, the picture, and the lyrics in the background. It's a nice touch.

5th place was Andykamezou:

Andy sent in a couple of banners similar to the one above, but with minor changes. This one was my favorite and you, too, came pretty close to winning. Again, nothing wrong with this banner at all. Your only problem was the competition was so tough this time around.

6th place was buonoai:

buonoai definitely won for the most banners submitted (over 50). Those two above were my favorites, especially the top one. It's very simple (which is ultimately why it didn't win; I felt the others showed more skill), but still very nice. I love how it looks like Airi is staring at my blog's name (though you spelled it incorrectly -- it's Airii~n deshou?! not Airii~n deshou!?).

7th place was Chobineko:

Chobi was one of the few people to only submit one banner, but that one banner is really good. The two lovely pictures of Airi in her seifuku (how did you know I love seifuku?) are great, but I'm not a fan of the font. That's a very minor issue, but again, in a competition like this, every small detail counts.

8th place was MiracleHappyLove:

The first banner was a common scene among entries (at least 4 other people used the same picture), but MiracleHappyLove did it the best. She wrote me a long description for each banner that she made which helped me understand her reasons for making those banners the way they are. In the first one, my blog name is supposed to appear as if it's a part of the fish bowl, and in the second, she wanted to give it an old, historic feeling, which explains the black and white background and the crack in the banner.

9th place was Yume-chan:

There are things about this banner that I love and things that I hate. Of course, Airi stands out (as she should) in an almost angelic way. However, the border and the font ultimately were the reasons why this didn't place any higher than it did.

10th place was Anna:

Hey, I told you other people used the fish picture. Anna's banner was an early frontrunner (she was one of the first to send hers in) and had a real chance of winning, but as time went on, I liked a few more banners better.

11th place was Suzan:

Another early frontrunner. I think she was actually the first submission. After seeing her banner, I knew this contest would be great. I absolutely love the pictures she used, as well as the effect, but the font I don't care for at all and the huge white spot in the middle makes it seem a little too empty to me.

And there you have it - 8 very talented people that did extremely well, but were just slightly beaten out by 3 amazingly talented people. If you don't see your name on the list, don't freak out. It doesn't mean that your banner wasn't good; actually I enjoyed every single one of them. However, there were 69 entries and I had to narrow it down. There are still 2 more chances to win a Morning Musume CD, so pay attention!


  1. Wow, this contest and the entries of the 1st to 11th place put my own photo editing skills into the right perspective: I'm a noob! lol!

    My entries looked more like the advert posters you see for small or middle sized fairs! XD

    After seeing the rest of the banners my own ranking does look a little bit different than jedimastertrunks'. But with such a high-class competition it's more a question of personal taste than skills. Again, wow!

  2. YES!! XD I won in 4th PLACE!! I did not win anythig buy I WON!!! XD
    some day I'll win one!! ^^ I really like that picture and that song! it is sooo~~~~~PRETTY!! ^^

    GRACIAS!! ^^

  3. Oh wow, Yume-chan's is VERY similar to the one I sent in. It seems a lot of us were in love with the same images. I was also eye-balling the images MiracleHappyLove used, the second images' entire photoshoot was great. But I went with the "Marry Me, Airi" images.

    I figured Yahoo would continue to screw me this week, I sent it in when I got home at around 9:30pm. But since all the e-mails I sent this week have been late (one was held back for 9 hours <(O.O)> thank goodness it wasn't a bill this time) I knew there was a chance it'd happen. Oh well, banner challenge was fun. And this means I can use the image myself, I really love it so maybe it'll become a avi/sig combo!

  4. WOW! I never thought I would be under the top ten!! o.o
    8th place of 69 entries! Even though I didn't won anything, I'm somehow really proud of me! Everyone's banners look so good, and I see how skilled they are. I'm not that skilled myself, so I'm really REALLY happy about that position!
    Awesome contest.

  5. Thank you for the 9th place!! I'm only 13 and I'm not good with Photoshop, so this is great for me! I'm sorry that you didn't like the font, and the frame too :( Thanks for the advices

  6. ^ It's not a big problem, don't worry about it. 9th place out of 69 is pretty good~

  7. wow thanks for giving me sixth place! (Sorry I did the "?!" incorrectly though!) I'm so happy. This made my day ^_^

  8. Thank you very much! I'm happy!!!!!!! ^o^