Monday, September 26, 2011

S/mileage on Coming Soon 720p download link

Talk and performance on Nakai-kun's Coming Soon!! from today.

It's 5 minutes and 201 MB.

Download link:


I'll be encoding the whole show soon (probably tomorrow).


  1. Thanks so much for sharing ^^

  2. Thanks for this~

    Also, unrelated question. How do ISO files work?

  3. ISOs are virtual representations of a physical DVD. They, for all intents and purposes are DVDs - they have the exact same quality and contains things from the DVDs like chapters.

    To play them, you can do whats called virtual mounting. Basically, it's tricking your DVD drive into thinking it has a DVD in there (when all it's doing is reading the ISO). Googling tells me that Macs should be able to do that natively:

    And then you should be able to view it in whatever video player you use

  4. Aha!
    Thanks, that was a HUGE help. I had an ISO for Rosetta Stone Korean and I could not figure out how to get it into my Rosetta Stone Program. That helped though~

    (I also needed it for some H!P ISOs)~