Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Morning Musume + Fairies - Nakai Masahiro no Black Variety 4/29/12 720p

Morning Musume and Fairies sharing a talk? No doubt this will be awesome!

After some intro bits about the hosts and Morning Musume and Fairies (yep, Nakazawa is there too),

the talk portion of the show starts with Nakai-kun bantering back and forth with the present Morning Musume senpai members (remember, he used to co-host Utaban).

I really respect Nakai-kun as a host because instead of just listening to the member's self-introductions and giving generic responses, he often has funny things to say and brings out the personality in the girls.

After all of Morning Musume does their self-intros,

it was Fairies' turn.

Of course, since I bought two copies of their debut single, I really like Fairies. They are legitimately great dancers overall and their songs are really catchy, which is apparent in the live performance of their new single, Beat Generation (yes there are live performances in this appearance too).

I really love Beat Generation's dance. It's really fun to watch.

But of course, Morning Musume responds with an equally impressive live performance of Renai Hunter.

After that, the show ends, but not before a preview of the next episode. Between Fairies vs 9th/10th gen karaoke battle (?) in seifuku,


Riho & Ayumi dancing,

and male host cross-dressing,

I'd say the next episode will be even more epic than this one.

Download link:

You can watch streaming here (part two is on the same person's channel).


  1. Thanks for the share. Cant agree more, I love Fairies too. It was what ppl call 'Love At First Sight'. First debut single already captured my heart and up til now, I am following them. They are really talented vocally and in dance. :D

  2. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!! I love both groups soooo much!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. of all the things you have uploaded for us recently (thank you thank you thank you) THIS NEEDS TO BE SUBBED!!! as well as the next Episode too!! PLEEEEEASE!!!!!

  4. ^ We're working on this with YouseiKiss (a Fairies fansubbing group), and will be working on both episodes so don't worry~

  5. Thank you so much!!
    I enjoyed it very much, even with my limited japanese. ^^'
    It's been a while since I've seen such a lively and fun variety program... Nakai-kun is very good, ideed! When he insisted that the girls had boyfriends I lol'd so hard! XD
    I will be waiting for the subs (thanks for that too!).

  6. I LOVE IT!! Both of my fav group ><
    i wish u'll upload the next ep as well ;)

  7. Thank you so much for sharing this ^^ I can't wait for the subbed version ^o^

    Fairies' first 2 (right? I'm not sure) singles didn't leave much impression on me, but their latest one surely does. Now I'm willing to know more about them ^^