Friday, May 4, 2012

Berryz Koubou & Sashihara Rino on Sakigake! 5/2/12 720p

Momoko, Chinami, Yurina, and Sashihara Rino (an AKB member) appeared on Sakigake! Ongaku Banzuke Eight together a few days ago.

Why? Well apparently Rino is a big H!P & Berryz Koubou fan.

To be more specific, she's a huge Kumai fan and to her surprise Yurina revealed that she still has a letter that Rino wrote to her from way back to the time when Berryz first debuted.

I had no idea who Rino was prior to this show, but she was really cute here. You can tell that she truly is a Berryz (and H!P) fan, as seen by her constant fangirling and her reactions. (Also I love her voice.)

The focus of this episode is a H!P song karaoke battle.

A few seconds of a song is played and whoever runs to the mic first gets the chance to guess the song's title and artist and then must sing a few seconds of the song in order to get credit for a correct response.

This episode was truly entertaining not only because of the karaoke battle, but also because of Rino's genuine love for H!P. I really had fun watching the whole thing.

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  1. wow! kuma-chan in the spotlight! yeah!

    well rino post very little, but on... at least a nice picture.

    transloation on:

  2. Sasshi is not my oshimen in AKB/PJ48, but I really appreciate how she never hides her love for H!P ♥ IIRC she's a big fan of Eri Kamei, and it's mentioned on generasia that her favorite idol is C-ute's Maimai ^^

    Also, one of the B-side tracks of her debut single (which came out this week) is Yeah! Meccha Holiday, so I guess she really likes Ayaya as well ;)

  3. This was so adorable to watch, thanks for posting it.