Monday, May 28, 2012

[TPF] HelloPro! TIME Episode 36

This episode is a Morning Musume special!

First is Mitsui TIME, interviewing some of the younger members about their first PV shooting.

Next is some 10th gen alone time, as camerman Kudo interviews the other 10th gen members...

before 9th gen barges in.

There is also footage from Sayu + Reina's Christmas Dinner Show.

Download link:

or watch streaming on the TPF website.


  1. Firstly of all thanks for the sabbb!! :D

    Secondly, I read this on TPF website :

    Well, the next TPF-only sub *hinthint* will not be for a few weeks. June 18th marks our 1 year anniversary from our long hiatus! Well from now on, it will be our anniversary day! Of course, we have a lot of releases for that day as well! One of which is the HPT DVD Vol.1!!! Along with that DVD, we got 3 other releases planned, each about one hour or longer! So get ready guys!


    HPT DVD vol 1?! does that mean HPT 4? C-ute galore?! *faints at the possibilities*

  2. awesome! Thanks all!

    I really love H!Pro Time and hope you all have time to catch us up a bit on great to be caught up in time for the new show and 11th Gen auditions and not be too far behind..

    I realize you are very busy though, and I sincerely am grateful for you hard work subbing anything at all! Look forward to the anniversary releases very much!

  3. @breedx

    Vol. 1 only goes up to Episode 3. Sorry ><

  4. ooh... no problem.. there's always next time ಥ_ಥ

    ^^ can't wait nonetheless

  5. I have been collecting TPF subs since you released HPT ep 7

    Sorry if this bother you

    Can you sub HPT ep 1-6 too? XP

  6. ^ HPT 1,2,3,5 has already been subbed. By GBA and Hyakupa. But I'm guessing you want TPF style f subbing yes? :p

  7. @breed

    yes. definitely XD