Saturday, May 26, 2012

Morning Musume - One・two・Three live 720p

Morning Musume performed half of their upcoming double A-side single on a fashion show today and we are able to see it thanks to a fanrecording.

Some people inevitability will express their dislike of this single due to it being a heavy Reina lead and/or due to the synthesized style of it, but I have no problem with either.

Reina is one of Morning Musume's best singers left and is also the most experienced (even moreso than Sayu because of Reina's experience singing lead a lot before) and in a group full of (albeit talented) preteens, she brings stability. Though I suppose it's not a particularly huge deal in a song like this where their voices are electronically edited, but still, future Musume songs will likely heavily feature Reina as well.

The style of song is quite different from what Morning Musume is used to releasing (for singles especially), but them being able to pull it off so well (and again, with a bunch of young members) gives me faith that even with most of its senpai members gone, Morning Musume will be fine moving forward. This song will take some getting used to for fans who don't like this type of music, but the other song on this single will surely be a completely different style.

Personally, I'm really enjoying Morning Musume right now. I definitely miss Risa, Aika (and of course Aichan), but Renai Hunter and now One two Three are both winners in my book. I didn't like Pyoko Pyoko Ultra as much, but I will admit that it was a nice genki and carefree song to ease the new members into the idol world, just as Maji desu ka ska! did with 9th gen before moving on to the awesomeness that was Only you.

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  1. Loooooooooving Haruka so sexy and mature, and also Ikuta with that hairdo and being SO AWESOME!! The song is really catchy, and Riho's screams are greeeeaaaat!!

  2. I absolutely love this Morning Musume. <33

  3. I love both the song and the dance. I think the outfits are awesome. I love everyone's hairstyle except Erina's. Kudo is looking fierce with her short hair. That girl is going to become gorgeous!

  4. Its something new, different, and fresh from the usual Morning Musume. Really suits them, showing a fresh start for the new generations after the graduation of Gaki and Aika.
    Yeah, perhaps many will need time to get used to this style, but I really love this song, their outfit and their performance. Morning Musume, constantly upgrading and changing to go with the flow and provide the best for all generations. :D

  5. 1080p ver
    Part 1 :
    Part 2 :

    reccomended with mpc and activate deinterlace XD

    Just one question from this perf

    since when maachan's dance become so cool? XD

  6. Ikuta is actually amazing in this.
    Her and Kudo really stand out in this

  7. I really love this new era of Morning Musume. So fresh, so unique, and so colorful vibrant. I will surely support this single! Can't wait for pv! :D

  8. I love the new era too! And I like this song more each time I hear it. If only Erina wasn't in the group it would be the most amazing era in years. I want to like her but I can't. But I love everyone else so much! I look forward to seeing what they do from now on!

  9. Looks like the dance is way better than the last single.

  10. I have never been so proud of Morning Musume. ; w;b