Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Berryz - Dai Ninki Ten de Shijou Hatsu no Dokkiri! 5/2/12 720p

Today on this TV program, a 15 minute segment aired which featured a prank from Berryz Koubou and the staff.

First, Berryz gathered

and signed a bunch of their merchandise.

To win the above goods, all you had to do was try your luck at this capsule machine (1万円 or about $120 per try).

But, there's one more thing (this is where the "prank" part comes in). Out of the 50 capsules, only 7 of them contains Berryz goods (one per Berryz member of course). The other 43 contains:

lol at the caption, "sexy eco-bag".

So yeah, you have a chance to win some awesome Berryz prizes, but more than likely you'll get the "sexy" prize above. Still, fans lined up,

and readied their wallets in hopes of getting lucky.

Upon inserting their cash, they would get a black capsule containing one of two results,

which they would then trade in to the store clerk for either the joke prize or the Berryz goods if they were lucky.

Although Berryz themselves didn't play an active role in this appearance (their total screen time is about a minute long), still, it's pretty funny and exciting to watch the results.

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  1. Hioooo~
    Thanks for all these programmes ;)
    You still working on those Morning Musume Blu-Ray PV's? ♥

    Btw anyone have any suggestion for this,
    I cannot upload certain videos to youtube since they keep taking some videos down like all the Pyoko Pyoko Ultra Solo versions. Does anyone know another good video sharing website where I could upload all these videos and not get them removed?

  2. That was too funny.
    Props to the few guys who were lucky.
    They got some great stuff.