Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Berryz Koubou - Hirunandesu 5/1/12 720p

Yesterday Berryz appeared on Hirunandesu.

To start things off, Miya/Risako and Momo/Yurina did some modeling.

Holy sadxfgegdgfved Berryz <3 (especially Miyabi and Risako omg)

After that, there is a short talk with some footage from Berryz's current concert tour mixed in.

From there the rest of the Berryz members appear in the Be Genki outfits

for another short talk

and a live performance.

Bonus Miyawink!

Once the performance is over, there is still more left to this appearance. Although the focus is no longer on Berryz (it moves toward a news segment), they are still present.

Stay tuned after the performance for adorable kids!

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