Friday, May 4, 2012

Suzuki Airi : Kibun Tenkan & Natsu Karada (BD-rip)

Hey guys, it's jedimastertrunks and not Chobineko. This post has truly been a long time coming. First, I planned to encode these when they first released but couldn't find the time to do that and post about it. Then, Chobi really wanted to write the post and so I finally encoded them and then handed it over to her. She took the screenshots you see below and made a nice post, but her PC crashed and blogger didn't save it and now she doesn't have time to make the post again. So yeah, this post has been delayed enough and I'm not going to delay it any longer so I decided to just post a bunch of screenshots. These are photobook DVDs after all, so there isn't exactly any explanations needed anyway. Just scroll through Airi awesomeness and download if you wish.

Natsu Karada:
Kibun Tenkan:

Both of the videos are 720p HD and both of them contains chapters (click to see fullsize):


  1. many thanks

    but part4 from Kibun Tenkan is not there ...

  2. Ah you're right. I updated the link with part 4.

  3. Airi madness. Thanks a lot. Time to be mesmerised by Airi.

  4. The screen shots are flawless.

  5. thank you very much! :3