Friday, May 4, 2012

Contest #7 winners!

Contest #7 ended a few weeks ago and the two people who won already were notified but I never made that information public so here goes!

The prize was one of these:

I think this contest was one of the harder ones because of the strict theme, but there were still some pretty creative entries. Graphics dominated this particular contest so it's no surprise that both winners entered in a graphic of some sort (well one winner did a fandub as well).

So as I said in the contest detail post, from now on both Chobi and I will be judging the contests so the winners had to impress the both of us. This time around since I had multiple copies to give away, I let Chobi pick a winner and I picked a winner so there isn't really a 1st or 2nd place, just two 1st place winners this time.

The person whose entry I liked the most was Emily's:

 and Chobi's winner was Ran-chan:

Contest #8 will be somewhat similar, except that it will be open to everyone so stay tuned for that!


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