Monday, May 7, 2012

Morning Musume Concert Tour 2012 ~Ultra Smart~ (Sokkou DVD Download)

The sokkou DVD of the Ultra Smart concert, available on the special USB stick has been released.

Nice seeing Aika back on stage!

Rihoriho who was absolutely amazing during the whole concert. 

Leader on fire!

Aika's graduation announcement.

Quite impressive performance of the SayuMizu duo. Better than last time ~

9th & 10th generation performance.

This performance was probably the best, I'll let you discover it by yourself...

Cute glasses!

Download ~

Download all the files then put them together with 7zip. 



  1. thank you!!!!!!! kuduuuu

  2. AHHHHH I tried putting it through 7zip but it says the file is broken!! HELLLLLP!

  3. streaming will be available in a few hours hopefully.

    does anyone else have problem extracting the files?

  4. Well, thank you verry much again, I knew you would upload this xD, but later you would upload the DVD version, right? Anyway, thanks again.

  5. Yes, I will upload the DVD version whenever it releases

  6. I seriously think it was an impressive concert for having so many new members. The 10kies did so well! I noticed immediately that the Pinks dance was changed, for the better, which made it a bit sexier. "How Do You Like Japan?" was so trippy. They gave us the footage that is usually on the VTR screen, which was neat but so different. I' pretty happy with it despite it being so similar to the fall concert.

    * So many 'so's.

  7. Thank you! I enjoyed the concert a lot! =)
    Maybe it's just my impression, but didn't Kanon-chan seem a bit sad? She wasn't as energetic and happy, in my opinion. I wonder if it's because of Mittsi's graduation... =\ Hope she cheers up soon!

  8. Here is part one streaming:

    Part two will be done processing soon

  9. Part 2:

  10. thank you very much~!!

  11. Can you say me the name of the software you maked this conversion?? and more information like resolution and kbps ?

  12. I didn't encode it so I don't know what software they used.

    But it's 720x480, 29.970 fps, 1499 kbps mp4 video, 128 kbps aac audio.

  13. The next stremaing video is not there...

  14. could you reupload the part 2? It says it's not available

  15. @Anon1: Yeah, my 2nd vimeo account was suspended so the video was removed. I'll try and reupload that part soon.

    @Anon2: Try again now.

  16. Thank you so much!!! Great concert!!!

  17. it's still not there...

  18. @Anon :
    Can you please WAIT?
    It takes almost 3 hours to upload this, and since you apparently don't have time to download it through the download links, then you should understand that we also don't have all the time to upload it again because we also are busy with other works that we have to publish.

    Check in few days, and if it's not here then you'll have the right to even yell at us, but please also understand that this can't be uploaded in a snap.

    Thank you.
    Jedimastertrunks & Chobineko.

  19. Here's part 2 streaming again:

  20. *cries* why does part 2 keep getting deleted??