Friday, May 18, 2012

[TPF] Reborn ~Inochi no Audition~

The third and final video of our gradation subtitling special is the Reborn ~Inochi no Audition~ play!

I'm not normally a fan of plays and musicals, but this one is actually really interesting, especially to someone that is interested in history, like me. The story goes like this: each of the characters represents a person in history that is dead but is looking for a new life (Risa portrays France's Joan of Arc in the screenshot above).

Sayashi Riho plays the role of Shakespeare (English playwright),

Fukumura Mizuki plays Cleopatra (famous pharaoh of ancient Egypt and known for her beauty),

Suzuki Kanon plays Yang Guifei (one of the most beautiful women in ancient China, supposedly),

Ikuta Erina plays Ono no Komachi (a Japanese poet that was also renowned for her beauty),

Miyamoto Karin plays Genghis Khan (founder of the Mongolian empire that eventually became one of the largest empires in history),

Sengoku Minami plays Oda Nobunaga (helped unify ancient Japan),

Mori Saki plays Akechi Mitsuhide (a samurai that served Oda Nobunaga but eventually betrayed and killed him),

Miyoshi Erika plays Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (an important classical music composer),

Kudo Haruka plays Leonardo da Vinci (a prominent figure in the Italian Renaissance),

and Tanaka Reina plays a mysterious girl named Bebe.

Together, those 11 people all share one goal: being reincarnated and starting fresh with a new life. To reach that goal, they are given basic details of the profiles of 10 people that will be born in the future (for example, "an artist that lives in the 1800s"). In order to gain that future person's trust (and live his life), each member has to appeal to it by explaining why they would be a good fit to take over that life and change the world in some way.

Since there are 11 people and only 10 new lives, of course that means that one person will perish forever, making it an intense battle to gain one of the new lives.

Fans of history will definitely get a kick out of this play, but even if that's not something that interests you, it's still interesting to see how each girl portrays an important historical figure. There is also a bit of humor here and there (especially with Reina's character) and a few songs a performed, making it an all around fun video to watch.

Download link: (Split rar files)
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  1. This play was awesome to watch, and I was surprised at how beautiful and clear Reina's voice was during her song. I wish she used it more often in concerts!

  2. don't know if part 4 or 5 doesn't work since it is telling me part 2 is corrupt :(

  3. make another mirror in mediafire. Splitted by hjsplit

    hope it helps

  4. Roxas thank you so much! you're amazing <3

  5. Wow, thank you so much!! I enjoyed it very much! ^^

  6. Thank you so much for always making such great subs. And I really appreciate you having different downloading and viewing options.

    I usually just download the torrents but since I'm back to staying on campus for the summer (I miss my apartment) they block torrents so your direct download and streaming options are a godsend.

    Thanks again and keep up the amazing work!

  7. Mori Saki is really impressive.

  8. Thank you! It's a amazing musical. I love it!