Monday, February 28, 2011

Random photobook DVDs (Yurina, Captain, Chisato, Risako)

Looking through my PC revealed a couple of PB-related ISOs as well as some encodes I did earlier so I went ahead and uploaded them for everyone to enjoy.

First up is Kumaicho's latest photobook, Kumasupo - or rather the DVD making of.

I'm not going to do a full screenshot walk through for each one, but here are some screenshots nonetheless.

Next is Captain's first photobook making of DVD, which looks the best of the bunch since it's 60 fps.

More screenshots here.

I probably already posted this here, but for anyone that missed it, here is Chisato's first PB making of DVD: 

More screenshots here.

And finally, a newer DVD - Risako's Le Soleil eLineUP special DVD:


  1. Ohhhh Yeeaaaaaaaaah 3 Hottest Berryz <3 .... and a Troll D;

  2. Just Joking ^-^ Chisa looks hot though im not gonna lie XDD

  3. So your YT account was finally suspended T_T i'm glad i found your Blog before that ^_^ Thanks for the links