Saturday, February 26, 2011

Chisato solo CD GET

Today Mr. Mailman had a gift.

Yay, it's Chisato's Romantic Ukare Mode single!

I finally won an auction a couple of weeks ago (before it was announced that it would go on sale at eLineUP).

I could have saved a little bit of money by waiting, but oh well. I'm happy to have my hands on a copy.

Opening it was fun (not really). It was quite difficult getting the shrink wrap off of the cheap cardboard.

Though I eventually got it open and this is what the actual CD looks like.


  1. OH I SEE WHAT CHISATO DID THERE. It looks like Miki's cover.

  2. haha, I´m glad you got your copy too

    xDD i had problems to open the mine too xD