Saturday, February 12, 2011

Buono! DVD Magazine Vol. 7 is awesome

Once again Buono! proves to me why they are one of my favorite Hello! Project groups of all time.

In this DVD magazine, Buono! spends the day doing various things in an amusement park before they head off to someone's house for a waffle making sleepover party.

Their first game is

Attraction 1: Laser Athletic Check!

The rules are simple.

You have 2 minutes to get through an obstacle course full of green lazers. Touch one and you get a 30 second penalty, which of course means if you touch four then it's game over.

It's harder than it sounds.

But of course Airi has no problem clearing it without touching a lazer and with plenty of time to spare. As expected of Airiiin.

I won't spoil the results of this game, but lets just say that this isn't a game for short people. It looked really, really fun though.

Next up is

Attraction 2: SL Coaster

Momo seems to be too scared to ride the rollercoaster so Miyairi rides together (along with a cameraman who has to ride backwards. The part of me that is terrified of heights wants to give that man a medal for his bravery).

After rollercoaster fun is

Attraction 3: Frog Hopper

Probably because she didn't take part in attraction 2, Momo must ride this one alone. And she is totally scared.

Meanwhile on the ground, Miyairi are having fun at Momo's expense.


After that's done, it's


They go into a souvenir shop where Momo decides to be silly.

Oh Momo <3

Then Miya finds a giant rainbow colored... thing.

Nice to see Buono! having fun together.

Whether it was designed for use as headgear or not, Momo tries it on.

Before long, the girls get tired and decide to take a snack break.

Until it's time to get back to "work".

Attraction 4: Doggie Coaster

This time, Momo cannot escape, as all three members ride the rollercoaster together.

Momo has a tight grip on Miya just in case.

But the steep incline proves to be too much for Momo.

I feel your pain Momo, I feel your pain.

After that's over, Momo gets a special ride.

what is this i dont even

Afterwards, the girls finally have lunch.

BBQ time ftw

After lunch, the girls are done with hanging out at the amusement park and head on home to have

a pajama cooking party!

Seeing the girls in their pajamas is just too cute. Even Airi is greatly amused because she cannot stop squeezing and touching Momo's fruit.

Finally Miya joins in on the party and shows off her flower pajamas.

 And finally the real reason of this party is revealed.

It's time to make waffle dessert things!

Courtasy of Pink dot (some waffle shop in Tokyo), the girls are given tons of ingredients to work with.

They give Momo what must be the dullest knife I've ever seen.

And she does a wonderful job butchering her waffle.

Totally jealous of those knife skills.

Fast forwarding a bit, the girls are all done.

Momo's creation
A weird box appears where staff votes on their favorite.

After a while I could've sworn they just were kidnapping people off the street to do this as I saw a man in a suit

Once again, I'll keep the winner a secret so that you will still get enjoyment out of watching yourself.

After the winner is revealed, the girls get to eat their creations.

A making of the DVD magazine is then shown (is that a first? I certainly can't remember the last time we saw a making of a DVD magazine) and that's it.

Like the title of this post says, I found this DVD to be awesome. It's definitely one of my favorites in recent memory.

You can watch on Youtube until next week (the rest of the parts are on my channel):


  1. Cuuuute~
    And I feel Momo's pain, too. :D

  2. lol aw, are you afraid of heights too?

  3. I'm afraid of heights too ;P
    senpai knows that :P