Thursday, February 24, 2011

Maji desu ka ska is a "genki" song

Watching the 9th gen segment on the latest Bijou Gaku episode above reveals that Morning Musume's new single is an upbeat song. Sounds like Morning Musume will be (at least for the time being) returning to the playful tunes of their past.

I'm hoping that with this single, Morning Musume can return to having a 50,000 first week and you can make that possible by buying it!

Each limited edition comes with a PV and an interview with the new members. Limited A = Mizuki, Limited B = Erina, Limited C = Riho, Limited D = Kanon.

Limited A:
Limited B:
Limited C:
Limited D:


  1. They do sound good together. Riho shows for the first time a weakness. Her trouble hitting the hight notes. Fuku-chan the MM Wota getting emotional at the end. Sure wish I could, but the last graduation concert that I got today will probably the only support for MM this year 8(

  2. Well....
    Fukumura sounds wonderful but I always thought she had so yeah.
    Riho's got some voice for her age and I'm loving it.
    Kanon's voice is nice as well.
    A for Erina's.... I'm not so sure about it.